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Contribution of Machining Tools to Boost Global Economy

Export and Import of Production Instruments in Various Nations

Contribution for boosting economy through machining tools is a strong factor of growth in developing nations. Africa, India, China are few among them which depend on machining components as their major industrial developmental factors. Special Economic Zones in African locations are working out with Government to act as policy tools to invite more investors from other parts of the globe, promote export based growth in financial matters and above all amplify job opportunities.

Export and Import of Production Instruments in Various Nations

China-Role in Boosting Economic Growth

Rapid development in long term application oriented produce manufacturing especially industrial equipments, electrical and electronic components, automobiles etc have led to the expansion and renovation of China’s infrastructure and increase in economic growth. There is also considerable rise for woodwork machinery demand which in turn has contributed to development and need for automated instruments with CNC feature. The requirement for automated equipments is one among the main reasons that boost economic enlargement for metal job tools industry in Global front and give 9.9% of expansion rate even during monetary recessions. The sales expansion of milling tool, grinding device, metal cutting equipments, polishing apparatus and electrical discharge device accounted for about 38% among the overall demand for mechanism tool produce from this realm in the world market.

China-Role in Boosting Economic Growth

Requisites for Automation to Compete Challenges

Improved human engine interaction, need for automation and new challenges in life styles are some of the important driving forces that led European machine tools industry to think seriously about introducing newer range of products and services. Advancement in production technology enabled this nation to make cost effective as well as higher spectrum of creation. When we look back to production of machining components in Europe, constructors of instruments were principally family owned or medium enterprise. However, increase in consumption in local and emerging nations blended with competitive pressures created necessitation for new and competitive environment for future years.

Requisites for Automation to Compete Challenges

Purchase of accessories, mechanism parts from other countries remained a heavy dependence for Western realm. There had been full supply chain demand in Europe but many minor products were to be supplied from Asian market especially from places like Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. The requirements were from automotive sector, gear boxes, trains, aerospace parts, surgical instrument making and many more metal based produce.

Top Export Destinations for Europe

Country/Region                                                                            Share in Total

China and Hong Kong 31%
USA 10%
Russia 8%
India 6%
Brazil 5%
S.Korea 5%

Sustaining in Competitive Edge in Performance

In spite of strong tie up with other nations for machine components, today, European industries have come out the circle and able to experience competitive perimeter in performance through quality, precision, increased productivity and in spontaneously attending customer services.

India’s Contribution in Global Economy

India’s contribution can be illustrated with the gradual expansion and rank obtained in manufacturing gross value. According to the statistical report India was ranked 15th in 1980 and during 2010 it reached 10th position. Today there are strong evidences to show the popularity of Indian made equipments and related accessories in western nations, USA and Eastern countries.


The necessities to meet challenges and prerequisites for technical excellence are significant factors which help equipment requirements to sustain in demand line amidst recession and fiscal crises. With the inception of smart designing software and innovative production capacities, manufacturers are able to create newer forms of tools pertaining to respective industries. These are the reasons which favored worldwide economic augmentation.

Chamfering Machine in Bicycle Manufacturing

Factory and Workshop Production

Cycle industry benefits both local blacksmiths as well as factories however, the difference remain in construction methods preferred by users. Conventional manfuacturing method had been in use in local workshops and it stayed comparatively long process in creating cycles in multiples. The need for safety aspects, modern accessories and more riding friendly aspects have necessitated standardization of production method. This has lead to mass creation yet developing scope for small workshopers to add business strengthening aspects. Construction of standard components like saddles, tires, etc are taken over by large scale mechanize which are then supplied to smaller workshops and small factories for customizing.

Factory and Workshop Production

Transformations in Creation

As far as this simple riding component is concerned, frames or tube like structures remain significant components. Steel frames or pipes were preferred for obtaining strength. Workshop equipments stayed supportive in brining out desired shapes of tube structures. Some notable ones are, Butt welf for pipe building, wire and rod straightening and shaping instrument, steel rim rolling apparatus, auto alloy rim roller, rim hole punching device, etc.

Transformations in Creation

Incorporation of Machining Works

Cycle production includes blend of multiple machining works such as the following,

  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Notch
  • Milling
  • Butt Welding
  • Grinding and Polishing, etc

All these processes are utilized to obtain the predetermined or customized needs of design. This rule also applies different levels of fabrication irrespective of mass or limited demand of productivity.

Incorporation of Machining Works

Seamless metal pipes for creating frames

These have thin walls, lightweight yet strong. This product is found to have been considered an effective component of bicycle in addition to auto making. Chamfering machine plays significant role in forming flawless metal pipes which are fabricated for cycle making process. Hollow or tensile shapes of metal, seamless tubes and rods are some among the essential components of cycle making and are obtained in the desired dimension, shape, bend or cut with the help of chamfers. It is also called pipe bender that is available in compact range of sizes suitable for smaller workshops to moderate production units.

Incorporation of Machining Work

Frame Tubing Process

Frame tubes has to bear the overall riders weight when he or she is set on the vehicle. Strength becomes an important requisite for designing. Produce made from low strength material like carbon steel or fiber cannot compensate for heavy riding. On the other hand, seamed tube which is welded along its length may appear cost effective than seamless tubes made of tensile component. Optimization of frame becomes significant corresponding to heavy weight management and rough handling. This will also provide durability to the produce however, thickness also stay a matter of concern for convenience of the user. In modern days alloy structural pipes are also produced in alloys to make the merchandize strong yet controllable in weight.

Frame Tubing Process


Creation of frames remains one of the most prominent requirements of bicycle making. Workshop equipments like chamfering device, butt weld, notching instrument, etc, are found to be supportive to manage the several processes involved in manufacturing.

Automation of Machine Tools

Why the need for automization?

Automation is the process of enhancing mechanism of machines. It is one of the innovative concepts which had been existence since several years and the need for such featured stirred up to cope up with production demand. The raise in demand for manufacturing is to find some strong development in particular areas of operation is one of the reasons that urged incorporation of automization.

Automation of Machine Tools

Advantages of Mechanical Applications over Manual

Though tooling applications were done with manual assistance and simple handy instruments, there were many things which industries felt to be regulated to reduce the possibilities of wastage, time consumption and risks. Whereas, mechanical aspects were found to reduce the above concerns and pave way for smart working and find improvement in returns as well.

Advantages of Mechanical Applications over Manual

Machine Operations which demand habitual working

Habitual or mechanical working of apparatus is a common requirement in many production units. However, the point of adding repeated mechanism without manual assistant covering several areas of production is what many industries are looking out for.

Machine Operations which demand habitual working

Functional Aspects overlooked in Production Units

Any industry or company that deals with producing merchandize has to take care of overall operations starting from feeding raw materials to machining and conveying the finished product. In addition, precision also stays one of the most required aspects as far as production is concerned and a device equipped with habitual functional features becomes ideal match.

Types of automatic provisions for machine tool operations

When it comes to leading mechanical features, CNC takes the lead role. Computer Numerical Control is the method of incorporating mechanisms of equipment with computer control and eliminating the need for manual interruption to shift tooling operations. This feature has been considered to be impeccably ideal for several industries which depend on equipments a lot as this provision does not remain a constraint for drilling or grinding or shaping or surfacing device.

Types of automatic provisions for machine tool operations

CNC-Complete Control of Automization

One of the important advantages of embedding computerization in tools is advanced operations. This works efficiently for manufacturing sector. Companies which deal with metal products find more benefits with the help of this feature.

Merits of Embedding CNC Control in Tools

It helps for optimum utilization of raw materials and reaches perfection in tooling. Everything is fixed through selection of suitable programs, wherein the operator can just remain an observer and monitor procedures

Why should we buy computer controlled equipments?

Production systems embedded with computer-aided activities keep up to manage competitiveness and support industries to adopt production methods to upcoming requirements such as,

  • Higher quality,
  • Efficient structural outcome,
  • Precise dimensions,
  • Time schedule, etc. However, integration of main system with that of numerical control is more important for successful machining outcome.

Does it work for small scale production?

This technology is not a constraint for smaller or higher range of operations. When it comes to investment, this instrument may cost a little higher than usual range of equipments. Therefore, companies which receive large scale production requisites can benefit more by embedding these features.

available automated machines

List of available automated machines

Yash Machine Tools provides wide range of CNC based equipments that support for faster, precise and uninterrupted activities. You can find the best model of computer-aided lathe and milling instrument from us.


Due to the increased production requirements and the need to stay in competence with other manufacturers, it becomes quite necessary to include computer assistance in machining tools. These devices are smart in working and support largely for non-stop production.

Yash Machine Tools – Popular Suppliers of Machining Tools and Workshop Equipments

Metal shaping or cutting was left to the responsibility of labors in those days where machining was depended on manual effort to a great extent. Several innovations have been made in the field of metal equipments to transform complicated tasks into much easier and precise ones. Yash Machine Tools, a leading components supplier in India has been into the service of manufacturing and supplying extensive systems range to tackle intricate machining actions effectively. We are one of the popular workshop equipment manufacturers and suppliers of them which are applied for engineering industries.

We have special range of cutting equipments which are preferred in top industries like construction, automobiles, electronics and air craft. We have radial drilling, CNC milling, planning and turret mill. We are specialized in supplying extensive range of lathe apparatus suitable to manage multiple options apart from just shaping or bending.

The Perfect Home for Lathes

We design lathe machines with CNC and all geared technology with different capacities in shaping metals. Starting from light duty, to medium, heavy and extra heavy duty to CNC embedded lathes, Yash Machine is the perfect zone to find the best models which are suitable for your industry.

Machining Tools and Workshop Equipments

More Types of CNC Embedded Machines

Next to lathe, we provide high performing workshop equipments with automated functionality such as the CNC vertical machining center, CNC gantry type machining center, CNC Milling & VMC which are exclusive designed to support complicated milling requisites.

Different Types of Grinding Tools

Grinding metal components or wood or any material for instance becomes perfect only when the machining process remains accurate. We also supply compact grinders, drill bits and end mill grinders, chamfering and screw blade grinder which are designed in view of supporting intricate grinding requirements.

Exclusive Tools to Support Sheet Metal 

Metal shaping is an art and there is no metal work that can be considered perfect if precision is lost. apparatus like power press, hydraulic press, plate rolling and section rolling, bordering and horizontal bending press are some of the important devices supplied by Yash Machine Tools which are also customized as per the industrial production demand. These apparatus are made from tested and durable components which make them stay strong for long term production.

Advantages of Buying Components 

  • Economic Pricing.
  • All equipments are designed to match international standards.
  • Durable in functionality.
  • Robust in structure.
  • Featured with high speed capacity.
  • Also available with CNC provision.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Supports metal and engineering industries.
  • Competent to Imported machine tools.
  • More options of systems available to support multiple apparatus options.
  • Provides precise finishing in quick time.
  • Featured with excellent technical specifications to suit modern industrial demand.

For more imformation, visit

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Intrusion of International Trends in Indian Machine Tools Industry

Introduction of Machine in India

It was more of hand operated tools which could be seen in India until Second World War. Though simple mechanisms were used in the place of little advanced semi-automatic equipments, British Rule in India remained one of the prominent reasons to introduced imported in India.

Industrialization Start-Up

Engineering firms established in India under British control was the initial step ahead in bringing some economic changes in India. Later Independent India witnessed gradual changes in industrial economy with process of five years plan which resulted in inception of equipments manufacturing industries and HMT begun in 1953 was one of the best examples.

Industry During 1960

The years of 1960s witness considerable improvement in machine where new ideas were imported due to India invited International support in terms of technical assistance. As a result drastic revolution took place in terms of manufacturing newer range of apparatus in which presses and gear cutting systems remained prominent.

More International Range of Machine 

1980s remained remarkable in the history of machine manufacturing in India which encouraged India to invite license agreement between other nations like Japan in order to produce diversified forms of models supporting large spectrum of engineering industries in India and abroad.

Global Market for Machine Tools and Role Played by Indian Industry

When it comes to International market for equipments, in spite of coping up with their production, India stood in the last few positions in ranking. The main reasons behind this set back had been unsupported technical advancement in domestic circumference and failure to match international competence.

Lack of Technical Talents

Many researches and reports came out with the impression that it was due to lack of technically skilled people that Indian industry could not reach the top position in the market. This situation was found to be there until 2004. Though there are many number of apparatus manufacturers in India, when it comes to global expectations machine tools were prepared on small scale basis.

Change in Trend with CNC to cope up International Market

The trend began to change when equipments were designed to suit heavy engineering industries with technologies suitable for global industrial expectations. CNC lathe have made remarkable changes in Indian industry’s outlook. This technology was found to meet the international standards in working mechanism and supported for fast, reliable and risk free machining operations.

International Trends in Indian Machine Tools Industry

Indian Apparatus Suppliers

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of various systems that are suitable for small scale as well as large scale heavy engineering industries. We offer broad gamut of workshop apparatus including lathe, radial drill, milling, bandsaw, etc at standard form as well customized as per consumer preference. Our CNC embedded have huge demand in India and abroad for its impeccable performance.


Indian Industrial Revolution paved way for several manufacturing unites of tools industries in India, however, when it comes to technical advancement, it took several years to reach a standard position in the global market.

Is it Mandatory to Choose Machining Tool for Sheet Metal Processing?

Sheet Metal Processing and its Importance in the Engineering Industries

Sheet metal work pieces can be of steel, aluminium, copper, and many more types of metals. Metal sheets are applied in different types of engineering industries. The industrial applications differ and the selection of metal sheets also depends on the thickness, size, and type of metals that need to be processed.

Conventional Sheet Metal Process

Sheet metal processing is not an easy job always as not all metals are flexible for bending or cutting operations. Earlier hand operated tools were applied to bend metal sheets; hence, the expense for labour remained considerably higher for metal sheet machining. Similarly, manual processes consumed more time and slow down the other production process as well.

Inception of Machines for Sheet metal works

Machineries replaced the need for more labour assistance as far as sheet metal work is concerned. With the help of bending, cutting and milling machineries industries were able to obtain precise machining options with reduced labour cost and lesser time consumption.

Types of Machineries Applied for Sheet Metal Processing

A press device stayed the most often preferred machining option for metal plates’ processing. Later on specific machineries were designed to manage machining of different metal plates and to obtain precise results. Equipments such as milling device, hydraulic pipe bending machine, bordering machine, rolling machine are some of the notable designs of machinery introduced to carry out the machining perfectly.


Where to get Equipments to shape Sheet Metals?

Sheet metal machines are available worldwide, yet it is important to find a manufacturer of supplier who can provide his clients with a reliable, cost effective and high performing machines. Yash Machine Tools is one of the leading workshop components suppliers who offer wide range of sheet metal components.

Equipments for all Machining Seasons

Yash Machine Tools provide power press, hydraulic press, iron worker, plate and section rolling machine, hydraulic and horizontal bending press, folding machine, notcher, etc. Power press is suitable equipment for bending operation over sheet metals and it consumes very less power.


Hydraulic Operated Pipe Bending Machine

It works by using the pressure sequence created by hydraulic motor and this equipment is applied largely in bending hard metal pipes. The machine is equipped with dies to carry on with the bending operation and a clamping cylinder is also provided to avoid material slipping out of the clamp.

Advantages of specific metal machining processes done with machine component

Bordering machine stays efficient option in cutting or shaping metal work piece that is rotating. Similarly, this machine can do the cutting operation considering the border of the metal sheet as the reference point.


Smart Sheet Metal machining process

Ironworker is smart equipment applied in sheet metal industry that stays very supportive to perform multiple operations starting from shearing, to drilling holes on metal sheets and many more advantages are there.


Sheet metal processing and subsequent machining tool have to be maintained proportionately to obtain flawless machining work on metal sheets. Visiting Yash Machine Tools will further give idea as to which type of machinery need to be selected for specific sheet metal working.

Industrial Applications of SPM/Heavy Machines

What is an SPM/Heavy Machine?

Special purpose machines, sometimes called SPM heavy machines, are high-powered industrial equipment used in a variety of applications. Some of these applications include food processing, nuclear engineering, paper making, and power generation. These machines are designed for specific purposes that are often necessary in industrial settings, such as high-speed turning, tool grinding and sharpening, and cutting hard substances which are often difficult to shape or cut. By investing in such a machine, you can save your business time and money in the long run by using more efficient tools for these purposes. Many companies have begun to capitalize on the need for these advanced industrial tools, creating special purpose heavy machines which can be used or easily converted for a wide variety of needs and settings. Investing in a high-quality SPM heavy machine can minimize manufacturing or sharpening defects, which saves your business money in the long term. Likewise, a high-quality machine can have multiple applications, making it a more efficient investment of money.

41 42

What Types of SPM/Heavy Machines are available?

Several different types of these machines are available. Some common examples include a vertical turning lathe, a horizontal milling boring machine, and a vertical machining center. These tools are used for different purposes, so it is important for those who need machine tools to purchase the right tool for the job. A vertical turning lathe, for example, is similar in many respects to a pottery wheel, spinning a vertical object so it can be shaped and smoothed evenly on all sides, leading to a uniform final product that meets complex manufacturing needs. A horizontal milling boring machine, meanwhile, is used to create horizontal holes in an object, and comes in three varieties – table type, planer type, and floor type. These machines typically are used for large components, but modern machines use more advanced systems that provide finer control. Finally, a vertical machining center is a high-precision CNC heavy machine which can work with diverse parts, ranging from the very small to the very large. These machines can be used in a broad range of industrial settings and can serve many roles, but are best suited for tasks where accuracy is a priority and small parts are common.


Various Applications of SPM/Heavy Machines

These SPM heavy machines can all be used in several different industrial contexts, depending on the needs of the manufacturing organization, but are typically necessary for mass production of goods. A machine tool like this can be used to shape or adjust metal parts that have already been cut from a larger block, and which need fine-tuning to become usable for these industrial applications. They can buff out mild irregularities that result from other stages in the manufacturing process or remove small metal chips which result from the removal of small pieces from larger blocks. Know about vertical turning machine, here at –

Summary and Conclusion – SPM/Heavy Machinery

These machines are a good investment for businesses which need to remove irregularities from large numbers of metallic parts. Items like horizontal milling boring machines, vertical turning lathes, and vertical machining centers can perform adjustments to these parts in different ways, and it is important to purchase the right tool for the job.

Machine Tools Market Emerging To Grow In India

Machine tools are equipments that are used to shape, cut, drill, bore through, sharpen or even bend metal or even plastic pieces. They are machines used to modify material for use in industry. The construction of machine tools is such a way that they are able to hold firmly the work piece as it is being worked on. They are equipped with special high torque motors and high strength frames to withstand the force of machining metal or even wood.

The Machine tools Market in India

All markets are demand driven and the machine tools market is similar. In India, the market for machining tools is rapidly developing and this can be attributed to the rapid development and expansion in sectors such as manufacturing sector and the construction industry which uses up heavy machinery. The market continues to rapidly also due to increasing demand of food products, cosmetics, office equipments, and even auto mobiles. According to industry forecasts, this market is set to reach over 200 million USD in the next 5 years. Some of factors favoring machine tools industry include:

  • Government policy that allowed the creation of mega investment zones where the government intends to invest in super infrastructure and industry subsidies.
  • Increased demand for finished goods, food products, Pharmaceutical products industrial chemicals for manufacturing.
  • Technological innovations and a worldwide inter connectivity which has favored the exports.

lathe extra havey 4lathe heavy 3

Role of Indian Manufacturers in machine tools market

Manufacturers have played a critical role in the machine tools industry. Some of their key contributions have been;

  • Products innovation. It is difficult for an organization to develop without innovation. Indian manufacturers have invested heavily in innovation with the ability to mechanize most of the industrial processes such as packaging, labeling, food processing, chemicals extraction, construction designs, software’s and many more processes.
  • Superior products. Manufacturers in India have mastered their production skills in developing machine tools. With their investment in high quality production systems they have been able to produce quality machine tools therefore attracting attention from all over the world.
  • Technical expertise. The industry has developed high levels of expertise in engineering and is therefore able to beat the competition from other developed nations.
  • Concentration of industries. Machine tools and cutting tools or the machine parts are locally manufactured in India, therefore eliminating importation costs which have affected other countries. This factor makes machine tools cost effective and affordable, and consequently offered at cheaper prices.

lathe light 1 lathe medium 2

Important and quality machine tools in industry

Some of the most important tools include;

  • Drilling machines for making holes in metal, wood and plastic.
  • Lathe machine for reshaping metal rods and bars,
  • Hydraulic press brakes for fitting pieces tightly together.
  • Turret milling machines for general metal works, welding machines, grinders and even molding machines. To know more about machine tools, kindly visit –


Machine tools are equipments that are used for physical modification of shape and appearance of metal pieces or even wooden pieces. They are usually fitted with special cutting or boring tools that are hardened to cut other metallic materials. The machine tools market in India is rapidly developing due to the great industrialization demands as well as rising demand in manufactured goods. Indian manufacturers have played a huge role in the development of the machine tools industry due to their innovative practices, high quality products and high levels of expertise. Some of the machine tools include the lathe machine, drilling machines, grinding machines and press brakes.