Machine Tools Market Emerging To Grow In India

Machine tools are equipments that are used to shape, cut, drill, bore through, sharpen or even bend metal or even plastic pieces. They are machines used to modify material for use in industry. The construction of machine tools is such a way that they are able to hold firmly the work piece as it is being worked on. They are equipped with special high torque motors and high strength frames to withstand the force of machining metal or even wood.

The Machine tools Market in India

All markets are demand driven and the machine tools market is similar. In India, the market for machining tools is rapidly developing and this can be attributed to the rapid development and expansion in sectors such as manufacturing sector and the construction industry which uses up heavy machinery. The market continues to rapidly also due to increasing demand of food products, cosmetics, office equipments, and even auto mobiles. According to industry forecasts, this market is set to reach over 200 million USD in the next 5 years. Some of factors favoring machine tools industry include:

  • Government policy that allowed the creation of mega investment zones where the government intends to invest in super infrastructure and industry subsidies.
  • Increased demand for finished goods, food products, Pharmaceutical products industrial chemicals for manufacturing.
  • Technological innovations and a worldwide inter connectivity which has favored the exports.

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Role of Indian Manufacturers in machine tools market

Manufacturers have played a critical role in the machine tools industry. Some of their key contributions have been;

  • Products innovation. It is difficult for an organization to develop without innovation. Indian manufacturers have invested heavily in innovation with the ability to mechanize most of the industrial processes such as packaging, labeling, food processing, chemicals extraction, construction designs, software’s and many more processes.
  • Superior products. Manufacturers in India have mastered their production skills in developing machine tools. With their investment in high quality production systems they have been able to produce quality machine tools therefore attracting attention from all over the world.
  • Technical expertise. The industry has developed high levels of expertise in engineering and is therefore able to beat the competition from other developed nations.
  • Concentration of industries. Machine tools and cutting tools or the machine parts are locally manufactured in India, therefore eliminating importation costs which have affected other countries. This factor makes machine tools cost effective and affordable, and consequently offered at cheaper prices.

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Important and quality machine tools in industry

Some of the most important tools include;

  • Drilling machines for making holes in metal, wood and plastic.
  • Lathe machine for reshaping metal rods and bars,
  • Hydraulic press brakes for fitting pieces tightly together.
  • Turret milling machines for general metal works, welding machines, grinders and even molding machines. To know more about machine tools, kindly visit –


Machine tools are equipments that are used for physical modification of shape and appearance of metal pieces or even wooden pieces. They are usually fitted with special cutting or boring tools that are hardened to cut other metallic materials. The machine tools market in India is rapidly developing due to the great industrialization demands as well as rising demand in manufactured goods. Indian manufacturers have played a huge role in the development of the machine tools industry due to their innovative practices, high quality products and high levels of expertise. Some of the machine tools include the lathe machine, drilling machines, grinding machines and press brakes.