How CNC Press Brake Allows Your Industry An Easy Operational Management?

The press brake is a machine tool used for bending metallic sheets. It basically functions as by bending the metal through the weak points created by punching small holes on the sheet metal in a straight line then the machine folds the metal along the weakened point. There are various types of press brakes and the different types are denoted through either the force delivery method, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, or even servo electric. The press brake lies in the category of the major industrial machine tools due to its strategic importance in the manufacturing and the construction industry.


Features of the CNC Press

Some of the outstanding features of the CNC press brake include:

  • Easy to operate programmable controller that is incorporated during the assembly of the machine. The controller has an outstanding ability to hold over 40 programs there by making sheets work easy and accurate calibration is achieved.
  • Powerful steel plate fully welded to minimize any possible deflection and offer high rigidity while working. This serves to enhance the quality of work and the finish of the work.
  • High strength torque tube connecting the hydraulic cylinders with a maximum accuracy of 0.03 mm.
  • Normal power consumption with three phase voltage and unitizes high quality components from the best manufacturers such as Siemens, and omron.
  • Foot pedal operated and light curtain incorporated to enhance the level of safety of the machine.
  • They offer fast paced bending applications with the ability to save the programs data on the networks servers’ thus enabling instant retrieval of information and production designs for the purposes of urgent work.
  • Extreme accuracy and efficiency due to the twin electric motorized operation for both heavy industrial work and minor manufacturing purposes.

Operation management with the CNC Press Brake system

The CNC press brake system has been manufactured with the most user friendly interface making the bending operation simplified and easy to execute. The designing phase of the production has especially been corrected due to the ability to link the system with 3dimensional modeling software while offline hence being able to produce tentative designs for current and future use. Bending process can be simulated and forces analyzed as well as optimized before actual cutting and bending can begin.

Buying the CNC press Brake machine

The brake press machines are readily available in industry and it is of ultimate importance to check out the features and the design specifications and compare with individual needs before undertaking to purchase the equipment. These machine tools are available in areas such as,, and even for high quality and long lasting machines. You may have a look for the best range of press brakes, here at –


The CNC press brake machine is useful for sheet metal bending to achieve accurate and quality work. The currently available machine tools are computerized to achieve accurate calibrations and are as well programmable for easier batch processing .The ability to link the Press brake program with 3dimensional designing soft ware’s has enabled product designs to be easier thereby reducing production times by having preprogrammed drawings. Metal wastage is also reduced due to the ability to simulate production before actual processing is done. While purchasing press brake machines consider the quality and design features and well as the individual needs. While purchasing you may consider checking on various sites such as, or even esskay