Radial Drilling Machine – Mechanism that has Changed The Face of Industry

The Drill is a machining tool designed to bore through material such as metal or wood. Since the invention of the drill various types have been developed such as the pistol grip, the Hammer drill, Rotating hammer, cable less drill, Stationary drill pillar, geared head and the radial drilling machine.

The Radial Drill

This is a drill machine whereby the drilling head is extended from the central pivot and is movable along a rail in such a way that it can rotate or radiate round the central support. With the ability of the arm to move radially and vertically, a lot of work can be done on the work piece without having to reposition it.

Mechanism of the radial drill machine
The machine is comprised of ;

  • The head. This is where the drilling bit is located and has special gears for holding the bit.
  • The driving system; Comprised of a speed variation gearbox for adjusting the speed of operation which can be increased or reduced depending on the operation.
  • The handles; used for guiding the drilling tool, as well as moving the head in both directions.
  • The supporting column, where by the head and the arm rotate about.

The main feature of the radial drilling machine that puts it ahead of the rest is the gearing system that enables it to rotate over a wide circumference making it able to drill heavy works and even larger diameter holes hence perform heavy industrial works.

Contribution of the Radial Drill to the Drilling Industry

Key contributions of the radial drill have been several to the industry have been the flexibility and the ease of operation while working on heavy duty equipment. The radial drill can also be customized to handle various tasks such as spot facing, boring, drilling and even counter boring.

Applications of the Radial Drill

  • Ability to drill large diameter holes of up to 110  millimeters in thickness ,this has been due to the wide area of operation afforded by the drill.
  • There are at least 3 types of radial drills. the plain drill has the spindle always vertical and does  not swing, he half universal drill can only swing in one plane angle to the vertical pivot, and full universal drill whereby the spindle can swing around at all angles to the tools and to the pivot.
  • Heavy duty and high precision drilling can be done by this machine.
  • Due to the automatic vertical and horizontal movements, key ways and face milling has been achieved.
  • Less time of operation since there is no changing of the position of the work piece.

Finding the Best Drilling Machines

Radial drilling machines are available and it is important to find out the properties of the machine before purchase .There are various internet sources such as radialdrillingmachine.net, workshopmachinery.com truckedcrusher.com. These offer a wide variety of drilling machines that are of high quality. Get the best genuine radial drilling machine, here at – www.yashmachine.com/all-geared-radial-drilling-machines


Radial drilling machines are a special type of drilling machines that are robust in their make and able to handle a wide range of drilling works. The radial drill has offered great improvement in the machining industry due to its robust nature of construction and flexibility offered. There are 3 types of the machines depending on the angle of operation to the center pivot and plane. These serve to enhance the flexibility of operation. Radial drilling machines can be found on various sites and the Indian makes are highly recommended due to their high quality.