Industrial Applications of Different Types of Shearing Machines

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

shearing_machineThis is the latest shearing machine used in market today. It is a shear model designed with high quality material providing durability for several years usage in heavy duty without any failures. Hydraulic swing retains high rigidity and can work in maximum capacity since has a strong well weld mono-block frame. This feature also helps provide a clean cut and high quality services. It can be applied where modern design, durability and sheets 6-20mm thick production is required.

Benefits of Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

  1. Hydraulic swing workshop machine is user friendly
  2. has durable blades
  3. has a front and back sheet conveyor system
  4. easy installation and training is required
  5. ergonomic design
  6. low maintenance hence convenient
  7. no damage to the blades and machine while cutting
  8. hydraulic and electrical systems involved are simple for servicing purposes
  9. it is designed for heavy duty

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

This workshop machine is made of high grade steel, has rugged construction as well as provides efficient performance. It is one of the machine tools with a framework structure designed for all steel welding. Its replacement is facilitated by equipping the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machinery with a mobile workbench, stroke digital display and an optoelectronic protection device. Depending on the nature of processing requirements, the working pressure can be adjusted within specified ranges. Hydraulic guillotine type plate shearer has centralized button control hence easy to operate. This workshop machine is applied in industries dealing in precision sheet and plate working.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Machinery offers the following benefits to customers:

  1. Its steel weld frame structure possesses good stability and rigidity
  2. sheet distortion is highly reduced due to use of adjustable shearing angle
  3. has a high integrated hydraulic system hence reliable and durable
  4. rectangular blades can accommodate up to four cutting edges hence long service life
  5. uses hand wheel for accurate, fast and convenient adjusting of the gap between the blades

CNC Guillotion Shearing Machine

This is also a widely used shearing machine by customers worldwide. Like other shear machine tools, it is built with steel for increased strength and rigidity. The sheet shear equipment maintains sheet and plate precision working by having a vibratory stress relief. The applications of shearing machine depend on the processes requirements of an industry; mostly constructed for heavy duty to work in maximum capacity without failures.

Benefits enjoyed by CNC Guillotion shear model users include:

  1. safe and easy operation
  2. reduced plate deformation sue to adjustable rake angle
  3. has adopted advanced integrated hydraulic system for excellent reliability and durability
  4. hand wheel clearance of the blades increases accuracy and convenience

It is important to know the applications of shearing machine before purchasing. The obvious reasons being to avoid either under working or overworking the equipment. Specifications of each tool will always be given by the manufacturer for review so that maintenance does not become a nightmare. Benefits of using a shearing tool should be satisfying to industrial needs of the user.