Sheet Metal Shearing, Bending and Cutting with Press Brake and Shearing Machines

Bending and shearing methods

The bending process in metals, especially sheet metals has to be carried out in a highly technical way. One of the technologies that are employed for cutting sheet metals is the sheering process which is processed in terms of applying shear stress of high force to the material. A shearing machine is one that helps to shear or cut metal sheets of different sizes and thickness. The shear strength has to be definitive in accordance with the metal portion that needs to be cut down. In general the cutting and bending processes on metal sheets are applied to obtain programmed sizes of metals pieces form the large sheets of metal. Shearing is carried out with the help of making two bladed meet gradually from the two sides of the metal sheet wherein, determining the angular specification of the blades will help in getting the desired shape of the sheet to be cut. In addition, other types of specific machines such as press brakes are also employed for shearing and bending metals for different industrial operations.

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Brake machine applications, types and uses

A press brake is a type of machine that is used for programmed bending and cutting metal sheets or any plate material. We can manage predetermined bending of metal sheets by clamping the sheet in between the die and punch. Wherein, press brakes are used for several types of sheet bending and cutting jobs with respect to the required bending dimension by selecting the right die design. Press types are also found to be very useful in obtaining desired shape of cutting and bending and maintaining accuracy in dimensions. Above all, the type of bending machine is also selected according the application process such as simplified bending works, large sheet cutting, cutting and metal fixing process, etc. Some of the popularly used press brake and shearing machinery types are

Hydraulic press brake

They consume less power and requires less maintenance. For better accuracy and quick process hydraulic press brakes will stay a perfect option

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

It is a super technology in metal shearing wherein, we can operate a range of shearing process with varying thickness.

CNC guillotine shearing machine

Operated by computerised numerical control technology, CNC guillotine machines for shearing are very useful for safe process of cutting with adjustment options.


CNC press brake

the principle of CNC in general provides scope for computerised monitoring and numerical control while setting the dimensions for metal with ease. CNC press brake is an innovative product the stays very effective in obtaining a reliable and economic shearing process.
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Be it shearing or bending, the type of machine that has to be selected should be based on the industrial requirement, thickness of the metal sheet or metal plate, possibilities of dimension adjustment, less maintenance, less power consumption, and so on. Among the several options of machines available CNC programmed machines are found to be reliable, fast processing and time saving.