Work Material Feeding Rules in Shearing Equipment

Implication of Shearing in Engineering Industries

The process of shearing over heavy metals is considered to be one of the challenging tasks. The creation of motorized shear machines has been a boon to resolve issues in achieving strips from thin metal work sheets. This device is used in several industries including plastic, steel, automobile, creation of door frame etc.

Risky Points in Sheet work material cutting system

It can do complicated cutting operations and the material feeding portion has to be followed with care and attentions as there are sharp tools equipped in this machine. Operator needs to stick to material feeding rules before working with a trimming tool.

Rake or Alignment of Blades in Shearing Equipment

Shearing equipments operate by means of the blades which are considered as the prime tool in cutting wherein one remains in fixed position and another blade moves to make the cutting action. Hence, rake or angular alignment of the blades remains a prominent setting requirement as material feeding can be done safely only after the blades are aligned safely.


Blade Clearance-A Very Important Aspect to Consider for Material Setting

Work materials are of different varieties exhibited in different thickness and sizes. The setting of blades also decides on the precision of cutting. For example, straight-blade alignment is applied to cut materials over flat position and the work material need to be places exactly between the static and movable blades.

Turning On the Shearing Device

Safety rules also remain mandatory requirements to be followed while setting the work material in the platform. The operator should be double conscious before placing the work piece and should make sure of the blade position. Similarly, he should check the power setting and keep the machine turned off before setting the work ingredient.

Checking for Clearance

Clearance is the gap that needs to be left between the two blades meant for shearing. The vertical gap that has to be set in accordance with the material compatibility, required cutting dimension, etc. this has to be measured with relation to the cutting direction of the blade.


Loading the Work Piece with Respect to Cut Hold-Down System

There are tools called hold-down device that are available in the shear to hold the work piece after it is loaded into the machine. It helps to place the work piece in the right position suitable for the cutting blade to perform precise cutting operation.

Advantages of Proper Positioning of Work Material

Feeding the work piece at the correct position considering the cutting dimension and material thickness remains a great support for flawless machining. This will also avoid wastage of material and save time in machining. Get to know more advantages, visit at

Risks of Improper Material Feed in Shearing Device

Improper of unmeasured material feed would certainly lead to risks both in productivity and in personal safety. For example, work piece place in inappropriate position will affect the cutting operation and material wastage.  If the clearance is not set as per the required dimension, chances of higher power consumption will also increase.


Shearing device is important workshop equipment used to obtain different shapes from metal work sheets. Yash Machine Tools offers up-to-date shearing device with all the material holding tools equipped with the shear, hence; our machineries can be depended for safe working environment.