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Radial Drill Equipment is a New Transformation in Tapping Application in Heavy Metal Industry

Drilling Process and its Multi-Faceted Sequences

Be it bench mounted borer device for small work pieces or a floor mounted borer component, the drilling activities always get necessitated by different industries. Though there are several types of piercing devices designed for core and non-core piercing processes. Among the drill machine varieties available, a radial drilling machine is one that stays a perfect piercing option for customized operations. It is a compact device however, can be utilized for boring heavy duty metals varieties which are important pre-requisites for medium and big manufacturing units. In addition Radial device for boring is made of durable cast iron that helps the whole unit to work flawlessly for a longer run. In addition, radial equipment is also suitable for multi-level machining sequences such as boring, counter-boring, tapping, screwing, etc, which cannot be handled with a basic drilling tool design. Moreover, the capacity of this equipment is comparatively larger to handle heavy metals quickly.


In What Ways Tapping for Various Sorts gets scope from all geared radial drilling equipment?

Tapping is an interesting work that helps to unite more sheared components easily. It is the process of making a thread inside the work piece which may either be a metal or plastic or wood, etc to make easy fixture possibility to add another part. However, every threading requirement is a challenging task; hence, the manufacturer of threading tool will have to customize the tool in accordance with the dimension of internal threading. A radial arm machine for drilling is a perfect choice for internal screwing of heavy materials. With the radial arm which can be moved easily to match the length of the work piece and the adjustable specification of the arm it is not required to move the work piece wherein, it will be adjusted by the radial arms. An all geared radial device is yet another boring component that is suitable for tapping, as well as performing spot facing, counter boring, etc without specific expenditure needed for adding different machining tools to the drill.

Tips to Grab the Possible Applications of Drill equipment

A drill machine is available in many models and their capability also varies accordingly. In earlier days, hand operated boring tools were applied, later with the increasing demand for different piercing tools, innovative models of piercing equipments have been designed and radial is one among the innovations. A radial device is applied for a series of boring related activities, in addition, the user can grab several types of machining applications with the help of radial mechanism such as,

  • The construction of this device is specifically suitable to handle heavy duty materials; hence, heavy metal industries can find reliable, durable and flawless boring operations with its application.
  • A plain radial device has the drill spindle in vertical direction wherein, the drill arm can be swung to any angle pointing vertically upward.
  • The device can be selected based on the boring requisites such as drill head dimension, boring capacity within specific time and the base plate.
  • An all geared radial device is a cost effective option for tapping, reaming, and boring.


While comparing the technical functionalities of drill equipments available in recent days, a radial drill with geared up features is an economic option for simple, complicated and challenging boring purposes of heavy metals.

Radial Drilling Machine – Mechanism that has Changed The Face of Industry

The Drill is a machining tool designed to bore through material such as metal or wood. Since the invention of the drill various types have been developed such as the pistol grip, the Hammer drill, Rotating hammer, cable less drill, Stationary drill pillar, geared head and the radial drilling machine.

The Radial Drill

This is a drill machine whereby the drilling head is extended from the central pivot and is movable along a rail in such a way that it can rotate or radiate round the central support. With the ability of the arm to move radially and vertically, a lot of work can be done on the work piece without having to reposition it.

Mechanism of the radial drill machine
The machine is comprised of ;

  • The head. This is where the drilling bit is located and has special gears for holding the bit.
  • The driving system; Comprised of a speed variation gearbox for adjusting the speed of operation which can be increased or reduced depending on the operation.
  • The handles; used for guiding the drilling tool, as well as moving the head in both directions.
  • The supporting column, where by the head and the arm rotate about.

The main feature of the radial drilling machine that puts it ahead of the rest is the gearing system that enables it to rotate over a wide circumference making it able to drill heavy works and even larger diameter holes hence perform heavy industrial works.

Contribution of the Radial Drill to the Drilling Industry

Key contributions of the radial drill have been several to the industry have been the flexibility and the ease of operation while working on heavy duty equipment. The radial drill can also be customized to handle various tasks such as spot facing, boring, drilling and even counter boring.

Applications of the Radial Drill

  • Ability to drill large diameter holes of up to 110  millimeters in thickness ,this has been due to the wide area of operation afforded by the drill.
  • There are at least 3 types of radial drills. the plain drill has the spindle always vertical and does  not swing, he half universal drill can only swing in one plane angle to the vertical pivot, and full universal drill whereby the spindle can swing around at all angles to the tools and to the pivot.
  • Heavy duty and high precision drilling can be done by this machine.
  • Due to the automatic vertical and horizontal movements, key ways and face milling has been achieved.
  • Less time of operation since there is no changing of the position of the work piece.

Finding the Best Drilling Machines

Radial drilling machines are available and it is important to find out the properties of the machine before purchase .There are various internet sources such as, These offer a wide variety of drilling machines that are of high quality. Get the best genuine radial drilling machine, here at –


Radial drilling machines are a special type of drilling machines that are robust in their make and able to handle a wide range of drilling works. The radial drill has offered great improvement in the machining industry due to its robust nature of construction and flexibility offered. There are 3 types of the machines depending on the angle of operation to the center pivot and plane. These serve to enhance the flexibility of operation. Radial drilling machines can be found on various sites and the Indian makes are highly recommended due to their high quality.

Imported Radial Drill Machine with Advanced Features

DMTG Radial Drilling MachineTo drill holes in different materials, a drill machine is used. It is also called a drill press. Holes of different sizes and depth can be made using this machine.

Main types of drill machines are, Pillar Drill Machine, Drilling cum Milling Machine and Radial Drill Machine.

Radial Drill Machine

In a radial drill machine, the drilling head is on a radial arm, which you can lift, rotate, or lower in order to regulate the place of the drill over the piece of work. This machine is very flexible as the location of the drill can be adjusted according to the size of the piece of work. It has a movable spindle.

These machines are available in a range of sizes of the drill heads, base plate and the capacity. They are very accurate and holes of different sizes can be drilled in various materials like metal, wood etc.

Radial drill machines are designed for very accurate, precise, and proficient work. These are very sturdy and can do hardwearing work. The holes are drilled by means of a drill bit which glides alongside the radial arm. The radial arm moves along the piece of work and enables the drilling process without having to move the heavy work piece.

You want a drill machine which is easy to use. An imported radial drill machine is a good choice for workshops as it is available in compacted size and has advanced features. As the machine size is compact you don’t need very big place to keep it. It is built with most recent technology adhering to the international standards. Since the machine is fully automatic the work can be done faster and more efficiently, saving time and endeavor.

Applications of Radial Drill Machines

These machines are used in;

  • Industries working with metals like metalworking, manufacturing, woodworking, masonry, construction etc.
  • To drill holes in different materials.
  • For jobs like reaming, tapping, spot facing, counter sinking etc.

Safety tips for using Radial Drill Machine

  • Be very attentive while using this machine to avoid accidents.
  • Drill bits which are bent, damaged or dull should not be used.
  • Materials without flat surface should not be used for drilling.
  • Do not wear gloves or neck ties while using the machine.
  • Clear the table before switching on the machine.

Points to consider while buying an Imported Radial Drilling Machine

Before buying an imported radial drilling machine the most important point to consider is the features offered by the manufacturers. The controls of the machine must be user friendly so it is easy to use.

The components should be of fine quality. For profitable and skilled functioning of the machine it must have various speeds for the spindle, for fast drilling work the spindle’s speed change is necessary.

Check the design of the machine and make sure it is strong and powerful enough to execute work for a long time. Buy an imported machine with various functions so that it can be used for jobs other than drilling e.g. boring, tapping, counter boring etc.


Imported Radial drill machines are very accurate and efficient. These are designed for the defined requirements of the industry and can be used for various materials.

Selecting a Radial Drill Machine

DMTG Radial Drilling MachineA radial drill machine is utilized for various functions such as drilling, tapping, boring, lapping, screwing, reaming, spot facing, counter boring, etc. It basically has a drilling head which is mounted to slide along the radial arm that can be revolved, raised, or lowered on a vertical rod; in order to adjust the position of the drill above the work piece.

The radial drill machines are well known for their accuracy and efficiency. They assure smooth rotation of the column and prevent angular deflection of the spindle axis. Radial drill machines are available in varying dimensions of drill head, base plate and capacity. They are specially designed to meet the specific needs of various engineering and allied operations. Radial drill machines can work with a wide range of materials such as cast iron, steel, plastic etc.

Radial Drilling Machine 

A radial drilling machine has a drill bit which is attached to a moveable arm. First the material to be drilled is placed on the work area. Then, the arm of the radial drilling machine is moved for drilling the holes, wherever they are required on the work piece. The arm can also be raised or lowered, in order to accommodate the material to be drilled. Radial drilling machines are normally classified by the length of their arm, since it decides how far the drill bit will swing.

While selecting a radial drill machine you should opt for a machine which is constructed using special techniques and modern engineering methods. Further it is better to go for those machines that are manufactured by reputed and reliable companies. Besides this they should incorporate the latest technology, and also match the highest standards of quality. Moreover the chosen machine should be safe, dependable, and easy to operate; convenient to maintain, highly precise, sturdy, and durable.

One of the things to consider while selecting a radial drilling machine is the size of the material that will be used for drilling. Further, since radial drilling machines are categorized according to the length of their arms, you should select a radial drill machine that can even accommodate the extra large size of the work pieces. Another point to keep in mind is the range of the movement needed by the arm. This will depend on the amount of space and the direction between the holes to be drilled. Moreover, for heavy duty drilling jobs you should select a robustly built and well designed radial drilling machine. The machines should also consist of parts that are made from cast iron with fine grains, and machined to close tolerance.

Besides the radial drilling machines should have an oil bath gearbox with tough gears for ensuring a very long life. The gears should also rotate and slide easily within the bearings to provide better performance. The radial drill machine must also have an accurate drilling head with steel gears and a tough spindle. It should also comprise of a heavy duty drill table with a solid foundation for holding very heavy work pieces.

Importance of an All Geared Radial Drill Machine in Industries

Radial Drill MachineA drilling machine is a versatile machine tool which is primarily used to drill holes of different sizes and various depths on numerous types of surfaces. Besides drilling very tiny and extremely large holes, the drilling machine is also utilized for a wide range of operations such as tapping, reaming, countersinking, counterboring, spotfacing, etc.

Nowadays, a broad array of drilling machines is available in the local and global market, which also includes the all geared radial drill machine. Actually all the drilling machines basically perform the same drilling function. However each machine type has unique features and specific capacity. Further there are certain exclusive functions that can be executed more precisely and conveniently by a particular type of drilling machine.

All Geared Radial Drill Machine

Like other drilling machines the all geared radial drill machine is also an important machine tool which is commonly used in various industrial segments such as wood working, metal working, construction, quarries, etc. In fact, it is one of the most essential machining equipment in several manufacturing processes. This type of drilling machine has a large geared drilling head which is mounted to slide along a radial arm; and can be rotated, or lowered and raised, on a vertical column in order to adjust the position of the drill above the work piece.

Since the arm swings relative to the base of the machine, this radial drill machine can operate over a large area without moving the work piece. Hence it helps to save a lot of time as it is comparatively easier and faster to move the drill head; rather than detach, move, and again fix the work piece to the table. It also permits to use a relatively large work piece, because the arm can swing out of the table to enable an overhead crane to place a heavy work piece on the base.

Usually the work piece is fastened directly to the table. It also includes a power operated spindle and coolant system. The larger size models may even have a motor in order to lift or move the arm. A typical radial drilling machine has an oil bath, gear box and hardened gears that assure better durability. The precise rotation of the smoothly moving gears and bearings also make them highly reliable equipments. The gears and shafts are accurately fixed in order to function properly, continuously and effectively.

A large radial drill machine is capable to drill large holes up to ten inches diameter into solid metals such as steel and cast iron. Radial drilling machines are normally classified by the diameter of their column and the length of its arm. Generally the length of the arm is same as the maximum throat distance. These machines are also built according to the particular needs and custom specifications of the buyer. They are automatic and vibration free as well as noise free equipments. Moreover it has a robust structure and can smoothly, precisely and conveniently handle any high end, and heavy duty drilling operations.

The objective of this article to educate readers about all geared radial drill machine and their industrial importance.

Reshaping the Industries of Woodworking & Metalworking with Radial Drill Machine

Radial Drill MachineThe radial drill machine has long been used by the masses not only for domestic, but as well as commercial use. Its innovative framework has enabled its users to perform woodworking and metalworking with such ease, that it saves time and effort. The radial drill has been known for its ability to execute tasks with such precision, accuracy, and efficiency. It was specifically designed to provide the requirements that the field of engineering is in need of. The utilitarian aspect of the radial drill machine has been improved through the years to meet the demands of fast-paced industries, such as the ones stated above.

The radial drill machine has developed through the years, and has been paced to keep up with the needed specifications that many industrial fields have been requiring. As the fields of woodworking and metalworking advanced through the years, so has the radial drill machine. In terms of its structure, the radial drill’s bulk has been reduced so as it as well reduces the space it consumes, which makes it even more perfect for the workplace. It has been improved in many aspects as well, such as the efficiency of drilling hard materials and the components of which is made of, making the drill stronger in structure.

Today’s radial drill machine has been developed in a way to meet the qualifications asked by many industries.

In the aspect of radial drilling machine for mechanical machining, provides utility for the complete set of functions needed, such as drilling, boring, counter boring, spot facing, lapping, screwing, reaming, tapping, and boring. The radial drill is very versatile as it works well with a variety of materials such as plastic, steel, cast iron, wood, etc. The radial drill machine is specially designed for heavy drilling hence, its robust construction. The typical radial drill machine can drill holes up to 100 mm in length, but there are radial drills of much larger capacity than this available today. As the years pass, the radial drill machine constantly keeps evolving with the world to empower its users to provide the market with quality woodwork and metalwork. With the radial drill’s multipurpose quality, it continues to reshape the woodworking and metalworking industries today.

Ultimately, the radial drill machine has been essential to the woodworking and metalworking industries ever since it’s arrival in the market, and is continuing to supply the needs of these industries which have as well provided for the global market at Its importance to the above-mentioned fields is based on its essence of provision to the industries. This would go on to prove its importance in the world of mechanics. The radial drill machine is a compact and versatile tool which is used in many fields and is continuing to restructure the entire radial drilling experience. As time transpires, the radial drill will continue to grow in utility. And so it can be seen, that the radial drill machine has truly been and will continue being a vital tool in the two aforementioned industries.