Selecting a Radial Drill Machine

DMTG Radial Drilling MachineA radial drill machine is utilized for various functions such as drilling, tapping, boring, lapping, screwing, reaming, spot facing, counter boring, etc. It basically has a drilling head which is mounted to slide along the radial arm that can be revolved, raised, or lowered on a vertical rod; in order to adjust the position of the drill above the work piece.

The radial drill machines are well known for their accuracy and efficiency. They assure smooth rotation of the column and prevent angular deflection of the spindle axis. Radial drill machines are available in varying dimensions of drill head, base plate and capacity. They are specially designed to meet the specific needs of various engineering and allied operations. Radial drill machines can work with a wide range of materials such as cast iron, steel, plastic etc.

Radial Drilling Machine 

A radial drilling machine has a drill bit which is attached to a moveable arm. First the material to be drilled is placed on the work area. Then, the arm of the radial drilling machine is moved for drilling the holes, wherever they are required on the work piece. The arm can also be raised or lowered, in order to accommodate the material to be drilled. Radial drilling machines are normally classified by the length of their arm, since it decides how far the drill bit will swing.

While selecting a radial drill machine you should opt for a machine which is constructed using special techniques and modern engineering methods. Further it is better to go for those machines that are manufactured by reputed and reliable companies. Besides this they should incorporate the latest technology, and also match the highest standards of quality. Moreover the chosen machine should be safe, dependable, and easy to operate; convenient to maintain, highly precise, sturdy, and durable.

One of the things to consider while selecting a radial drilling machine is the size of the material that will be used for drilling. Further, since radial drilling machines are categorized according to the length of their arms, you should select a radial drill machine that can even accommodate the extra large size of the work pieces. Another point to keep in mind is the range of the movement needed by the arm. This will depend on the amount of space and the direction between the holes to be drilled. Moreover, for heavy duty drilling jobs you should select a robustly built and well designed radial drilling machine. The machines should also consist of parts that are made from cast iron with fine grains, and machined to close tolerance.

Besides the radial drilling machines should have an oil bath gearbox with tough gears for ensuring a very long life. The gears should also rotate and slide easily within the bearings to provide better performance. The radial drill machine must also have an accurate drilling head with steel gears and a tough spindle. It should also comprise of a heavy duty drill table with a solid foundation for holding very heavy work pieces.