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5 Significant Innovations Made in CNC Lathe

Why CNC lathe is considered a high end model for machining?

A lathe machine embedded with Computer numerical control is found to be the high end model for its superior functionality and efficiency.

List of five significant features

  1. Running Speed

CNC lathe is known for its speed of machining as it can work on many number of work piece materials within short period of time. Conventional lathe equipment works relatively lesser than CNC.

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  1. High Performance

Increasing the performance of lathe while it is in operation condition is very easy with CNC lathe machines. It is convenient to set the tooling option quickly and we can find several innovations added to the machine functionality from time to time because CNC is adaptable to technical adventures.

  1. Meticulousness

One of the main attractions in CNC lathe is the precision obtained in machining. Every time before the machine is operated it is very convenient to set the cutting dimension. The specifications are fed in the computer and the operation will take place automatically considering the commands fed.

  1. Saves Labour Cost

Traditional or semi automatic lathe equipments need the support of labour in terms of operating the machine and in setting the work piece one by one. A CNC lathe on the other hand does not require much manual support other than monitoring the operations in computer.

  1. Time Saving

The operator working with CNC lathe will be able to reduce wastage of materials because precision of machining is a guaranteed feature in this machine.

Plethora of lathe devices offered by Yash Machine Tools   

Yash Machine Tools supplies machining tools to several engineering industries. As far as lathe is concerned, they supply light duty, heavy duty, medium duty and extra heavy duty lathe machines.


Find out the significance of Light Duty Lathe

For better surface finish and different turning requisites a light duty lathe is the right tooling option. This device is equipped with a light lathe bed and big spindle bore to turn the work piece to different positions.

How Medium Duty Lathe works effectively for Engineering Industries?

It is a comfortable device designed to bring more efficiency in operating it. Equipped with stress relieved bed and induction hardened guide ways this type of lathe suits for long term operational needs.


Significant Benefits of Heavy duty Lathe

It has a powerful spindle design that helps to obtain excellent machining performance. The enclosed feed box is yet another attraction that stays compatible for different thread machining operations.

Know about the features in Extra Heavy Duty Lathe

This model is provided with dynamically balanced spindle. The presence of lead screw keeps the machine components free from dust and paves way for safe operation environment.

Find out the reliable reasons to choose lathe device from Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine has a wide collection of lathe equipments. They also supply top imported lathe models at affordable cost.


A lathe device is the most common workshop machinery found in engineering industries. A CNC lathe is the latest preferred lathe machine as it has many innovative features that help for better machining at moderate investment.

Learn How to Capture the Best Production Quality from Lathe and Drilling Machines

Obtaining Best Workshop Performance from Lathe Machines

  • A lathe machine is a wonderful invention by engineers that helps to complete a range of workshop activities.
  • A geared lathe or CNC embedded lathes are few illustrations to exhibit the performance attitude of lathe.

WM Series Flat Bed WM Series Slant Bed

Drilling Equipments Made Easy by Yash Machine Tools

  • Yash Machine Tools is a workshop machine manufacturing company that offers variety of drilling as well as grinding components.
  • Radial drilling machine, All geared radial drilling machine, Milling cum Drilling equipments are some of the drilling components produced by Yash Machine Tools.

Modification in Lathe and Drilling Devices

  • All geared radial drill machines from Yash Machine tools are made in different sizes and variable working capacities including changes in drilling diameters.
  • All geared lathe on the other hand is available as heavy duty, medium duty and extra heavy duty strength to handle different capacities of machining products.


 Advantages of Drilling Devices from Yash Machine Tools

  • Radial drilling devices from Yash Machine Tools are made considered the requirements of international standards.
  • Every drilling equipment model is known for high precision, durability, and multiple performance sequences such a counter boring, reaming, spotting, tapping, etc.



Spending for workshop tools is more important as its industrial usage should pave way for making good revenues. Yash Machine Tools offer reliable and cost effective machinery for various machining processes.

Discover the Magic if Easy Workshop Activities with CNC Milling Device

CNC-A Route to Higher Version

  • Also termed as Computer Numerical Control, CNC technology seems to make tremendous productivity with less spent over man power.
  • For fully automated and precise production needs buying workshop machinery embedded with CNC will stay a suitable choice.

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Why CNC Milling Equipment is better for More Production?

  • Milling dimensions can be set with the help of computer and the milling operations can be monitored perfectly.
  • CNC Milling equipment can be preferred for more production with less man power as every operation is done automatically.

Some More Features of CNC

  • CNC machines offer safer work environment.
  • Wastage of raw materials can be reduced to optimum level and can be depended for error free operation.

Find out More CNC Equipments from Yash Machine

  • Yash Machine Tools has specific range of CNC based workshop devices.
  • CNC lathe and CNC milling machine are the prominent models manufactured by Yash Machine Tools.



Why to Buy CNC from Yash Machine?

  • Workshop machinery at Yash Machine Tools is made with high quality cast and steel material; hence, investors do not have to doubt about the reliability of the machinery.
  • Yash Machine offers machinery at relatively economic pricing than other machinery manufacturers.

Further more information about Milling machine, cnc milling machine and cnc lathe Machine, visit –


Working with automated and computerized machines for machining activities creates excellent scope for increased production. CNC technology based machinery is popular among the automated formulae. CNC lathe and CNC milling from Yash Machines will remain excellent choice for its adaptability, quality and pricing.

Why Maintenance and Fabrication is Considered Important Requirements for Latest Lathe Device Models?

The Miracle in Machining with Lathe

Lathe is a wonderful apparatus that stays very effective for shaping metal materials in to various forms. It works by controlling the position of the work piece which is rotated by lathe itself with the support of components attached to the spindle. Considering the flexibility of machining with lathe, manufacturers have contributed different types of lathe apparatuses for different shaping activities such as drilling, threading, milling, etc. Machining work done with the help of lathe forms a different experience for the technicians who can flexibly adjust the rotating dimension of the spindle to match with material. Though lathe can be regarded as one of the old machining methods, it is in fact is a flexible option that can perform perse metal shaping activities. Modernity in lathe device is an important reason that enhances the performance of shaping materials. For example,

  • Semi geared lathe apparatus made from highly fabricated raw materials are found to be a high performance machine.
  •  A heavy duty lathe device comes with latest features is a wonderful equipment to handle shaping operations of heavy duty metals.
  • An all geared lathe device is known for its strapping design and it stays a wonderful choice for high performance again.

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Maintenance and Fabrication-The Two Important Requirements for Reliable and Long Term Machining Activity

Lathe is designed with high grade materials that are fabricated perfectly and the process of fabrication keep the machinery going for long term dependency. Moreover, buying a lathe which is well fabricated is evidence that reflects on its strength, quality and capability to perform in a standard way. Fabrication is the process of machining components parts by using a range of raw materials such as steel, alloy, cast iron, etc. This process is carried over based on the industrial requisites and machinery made from fabricated components will work on reliable basis. Proper fabrication also favours for long term reliability of the equipment. Above all, this technology also reduces the cost of maintenance because lathe which is made from fabricated components go compatible in handling heavy duty material and to work under high pressure.

Tips to Invest in Best Lathe Device

  • Always buy machinery from popular manufacturers who offer durable products and who can support for maintenance and spare parts supply.
  • It is better to choose a company who do not face issues in transporting the required machinery component at the earliest.
  • Indian lathe machines are known for cost effective pricing, excellent mechanism and customized designs; hence, buying a lathe from India based company has more to do for the investment you make.
  • Make a detailed quote from the manufacturer about the fabrication facility available so that the consumers can experience less maintenance.
  • Make sure that the manufacturer bears reputation for client satisfaction in offering customized solutions in machinery designing.

Investing on lathe saves your expenses on fuel as many modern lathe devices are made over powerful machine designing concept. Moreover, this shaping machinery is a suitable option for machining heavy duty materials which is not possible in other equipments meant for shaping.

How Heavy Duty Lathe Machines Support Paper and Mining Industries?

Industrial Implications of Lathe Machines

Machining process varies according to the desired type of conversion of the work piece to a finished product. Among the types of workshop machinery available, a lathe machine is widely applied for a range of machining functionalities such as turning, tapering, shaping, threading and cutting of different materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc. Hence, it can be found in many industrial sectors starting from power plants, to mining, ship building and many more, the presence of a lathe machine makes more impact because such industrial sectors require turning, knurling and tapering process to be done for some machining parts which can be done with precision only with the help of a lathe machine. Some important significances of lathe device are

  • Depending on the intensity of the work load and the quantity of the work piece material, a lathe machine can be chosen such as light duty lathe for small industries where the work material would relatively be less, and medium and heavy duty for large scale industries.

  • CNC lathes are absolutely embedded with computerized and automatic functioning capacity where lathing operations can be performed depending on the data the operate feeds into the computer.


How Lathe Machines Support Paper Industry?

Heavy duty lathe machine is found to be highly supportive in paper industries. Large paper mills and bulk production of paper related products like paper plates require the assistance of lathe machines. For example, lathe machine is applied to taper and turning of work piece to the desired shape and dimension, large rolls of papers are manufactured and trimmed or tapered with the help of heavy duty lathe machine. Wherein, with tapering process, the corners of the paper rolls are finely trimmed to obtain the correct dimension on both sides. In addition, while making profiles a lathe device is found to be very supportive in turning the rolls to get the correct profile of paper. Apart from that lathes are considered as perfection option to assist engraving and printing process of paper currency, tapering of paper plates in bulk, etc.

Lathe Machine in Mining Industries

Drilling is one of the important processes in mining industries. Miners use heavy materials to drill into the underground and identify the deposits, so that they can organize the piping process to reach the surface that is drilled. Drills are frequently depended upon by minors, and the role of lathe starts in tapering and knurling the drilling tools as and when required. These tools have to be maintained to obtain a flawless drilling process. Wherein, knurling is the process in which the work piece is set in the lathe to get the desired carvings or knurls for easy drilling. Thus heavy duty lathe is found to be very compassionate in core mining process in terms of drilling tools’ maintenance. Check out the best range of all geared lathe machines, here at –



Investing in a heavy duty lathe device is sure to give considerable profit for the money. With the presence of lathe apart from tapering or knurling process, turning for tapering process can also be done with lathe. In this way, lathes are found to be very useful to make the core process run without any hindrance. Apart from that with the help of lathe functionalities, precision of work is guaranteed for sure.

Lathe Machine Market Statistics Points out the Powerful Future of the Tool

What does the statistical report has to say about popularity of lathe machine in industrial usage?

Lathe machines have been playing a decisive role in the machining process. The cost of machining with lathe machines is relatively lesser when compared to manual machining process. With lathe device optimum cutting solutions can be obtained. The emergence of imported lathe machine from leading workshop device manufacturing and supplying countries like China, have set a new demand for different types of lathe machines in the industrial world. In one way, every lathe machine manufacturer focus on designing with the perspective of obtaining higher precision and performance, several industries find its application cost effective, time saving and highly productive. Statistically speaking, many machinery manufacturers consider lathe machine making and supplying of lathe machine accessories supplying as a profitable business.


Lathe machine types and its various applications

Pertaining to the industrial requirements, lathe devices have been designed by manufacturers into different types and with different specifications. Some of the lathe machine varieties and its applications are given below

  • An all geared lathe machine is applied to shear or drill relatively tough work piece like harder and thick metal sheets and for its reliable and noiseless operation. There is a range of lathe device models available in the market that suits for different shearing, drilling and knurling process, in the same way gear technology has been incorporated in designing of different lathe machines to obtain accuracy in shearing job, for example, gap bed all geared lathe, all geared CDA A and all geared lathe CDS B,

  • CNC lathe machine is an innovative model with higher computerised specifications. The Computerised numerical control or CNC lathe stays more effective in terms of obtaining effective performance by managing and monitoring the machining process simultaneously. Similarly CNC based slat bed CNC lathe machine is effective for convenient cutting operation with accuracy and flat bed CNC lathe machine is highly applied for sliding, screw cutting operations and other imported CNC lathe machines like CKE 6130i and CKE 6150Z.


Why lathe machine is considered as a powerful workshop tool?

Lathe machine is considered as a powerful workshop tool for a range of machining works; hence, many industries seek the support of lathe device. For example, a heavy duty lathe machine, medium duty lathe machine, extra heavy duty lathe machines and Light duty lathe machine stays effective to handle wood sheets and metals for drilling and levelling based on the work piece thickness. In addition, heavy duty all geared lathe machine and light duty all geared lathe machine and even medium duty all geared lathe machine are also available with the high performance gear principle. A roll turning lathe machine is applied in metal rolling mill industries. Universal all geared lathe CW E and Universal all geared CW M series lathe is applied for different machining works such as turning of wood piece, spinning of metal, glass works, etc Hence, pertaining to the industrial demands the availability of lathe devices is also reliable. Know about the most powerful lathe machine in the market, here at –

The future demands for lathe machine

As far as the functionalities of lathe is concerned, tough machining works are done with higher precision. In addition, the cost of production is relatively lesser when compared to machining works done with the help of manual support. Hence, in many industries the demand for innovative lathe machines will always be there.


Before buying a lathe device, it is important to compare the pricing and durability of the machine. In addition, manufacturer’s support in dealing with the service, shipping, and maintenance aspects has to be considered before investing.

Drift Your Workshop to the Next Level with All Geared Lathe Machine

Significance of applying all geared lathe machine


A lathe machine is an important work shop machinery that is applied for a range machining purposes. The lathe is a tool that works in terms of rotating the work piece on its axis to obtain different machining operations like shearing or cutting, drilling, knurling, and many more. It can also be considered as multi-purpose workshop machinery that is preferred for easy application and effective performance. There are different types of lathe machine available in the market suiting a variety of the industrial demands. Moreover, all geared lathe machine is a workshop lathe device designed on modern technology basis for obtaining enhanced performance with precision in machining. It is mainly used for shearing or drilling tough objects. In addition geared lathe machine can be applied for its capacity to high resistance to corrosion hence they are found to be an ideal option for several industries such as mining, paper mills, steel rolling mills, etc.

How all geared lathe machines helps developing workshop activities?

As far as workshop machining process is concerned, lathe machines stay very effective for improving industrial workshop activities. There are variations in the functioning of different designs of lathe machines such as

  • Medium duty lathe Machine – A medium duty lathe is a suitable lathe machine for metal working wherein, the device is powerfully built for providing ultimate machining performance and trouble free functioning to handle work piece that are of moderate thickness.
  • Heavy duty lathe machine and Extra heavy duty lathe machine stays useful for gaining ultimate performance as they have higher cutting capacity. These are applied in different industries such as power and mining industry, ship yards, etc. The machine has the provision of large heavy duty head stock to handle work piece of relatively larger thickness.
  • Light duty lathe machine – An all geared light duty lathe is a durable option for machining applied for achieving precise results in industries like ship building, mining, textile, power plants, etc. wherein the machining requirement will be for handling light weight work piece that has relatively less thickness. To know more about CNC lathe machines, kindly visit –

In what ways does all geared machine takes your workshop to the next level?

The recent innovative models in lathe machine designs have been considered a boon to develop the workshop process in industries. The application of latest lathe machines such as roll turning lathe machine which is applied in rolling mill industries, cement plants and heavy metal industries for its full capacity carbide tipped specifications. This new type of lathe device is found to be a user friendly as well as a cost effective workshop option. A lathe machine for woodturning for instance is an innovative machining device that is found to be more useful in producing important furniture components such as decorative and functional aspects from wood work pieces. With woodturning lathe we can produce different shapes of wooden handles, bowl gouges, knurling gouges, etc. Lathe machine for glass working is applied to lean, bend and stretch the glass material to the desired shape and accuracy. It is found to be an economic option for production of glass ware. A lathe machine for metal spinning is applied in making shaping the metal piece to the desired form thus reduces the cost of manual work.



Buying a reliable and durable machine directly from the manufacturer or dealer will stay a beneficial option as it will redeem you from the fear of investing.

The Best Features of a Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

All about Lathe

A lathe machine performs multiple mechanisms such as shearing, sanding, turning, drilling, deforming, etc over a range of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. With lathe machine it is easy to produce symmetrical objects. In recent years in order to provide quality solutions for several industrial needs many improvements have been implemented in designing lathe machines. A CNC lathe machine or computerised numerical controlled lathe machine is one of the innovative designs of lathe machines that have widely been used in the place of conventional machine types. It is a modern technology that does not require complete manual support for functioning. Above all CNC supports effectively in monitoring the accuracy of the machine activity over a computer screen.

WM Series Flat Bed WM Series Slant Bed

Types of lathe

There are two main types of lathe machines that differ by means of the lathe bed elevation angle they are flat bed lather machine and slant bed lathe machine. Wherein, flat bed lathe machine applications are widely used in heavy duty turning process with more productivity. We can rely on flat bed CNC lathe equipment for a reliable, stable and powerful shearing function. Productivity can be increased with the help of investing on flat CNC lathe machine irrespective of the model. Hence, the model has to be selected based on the respective industrial target in terms of dimension, thickness and the expected production ratio. Click here to know more about CNC Lathe Machine.

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Applications and benefits of flat bed CNC lathe

A slant bed CNC lathe works on a spindle motor having the lathe bed alignment is in the slide ways and is especially effective in making Z axis motion which is relatively straighter. The flat bed CNC on the other hand works effectively to obtain highly rigid accuracy where exact positioning of the metal is required. It is applied mainly for heavy duty cutting process. In general flat bed CNC lathes are mainly preferred to achieve accurate finishing along with the requisite thickness during the process of sliding, surfacing and screw turning. A flat bed CNC lathe machine is also designed in various forms to manage light and heavy metal turning process. In industries where more workshop machining works are done a flat bed lathe with CNC device is found to be more suitable option as we can get precise finishing and feel the ease of cutting, drilling in economic power consumption. Some of the popular industries where flat bed CNC is highly preferred are

  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Paper industries
  • Machineries
  • Power plants
  • Industries where drilling process is highly required
  • Shearing metal industries, etc


Considering the common benefits of flat bed lathe equipment such as less power consumption, capacity to run 24 hours, easier programming, which requires less manual support this equipment can be suggested as a suitable option for mass production of symmetrical products. In addition, it is excellent machinery that can be used to achieve accuracy in curving, bending, and turning process of even complicated shapes and forms.

Things to Know about All Geared Lathe Machines & CNC Lathe Machines

All Geared Lathe Machines, Types, and their industrial application

WM SeriesDMTG Light Duty LatheLathes work by revolving a work piece on its axis for cutting, sanding, deforming, turning, drilling among other functions. The machine is capable of performing these functions on plastic, wood or metal to produce symmetrical objects. The lathe machine consists of various parts such as head stock, spindle, bed, tool rest, lock knob and tail-stock. Over the years technological advancements have been used to improve the design and functionality of lathe machines to suit various industrial needs. All geared lathe machine is among the popular set of lathe machines and includes various types such as:

Light duty lathe machine– it is mainly used for precise shaping and deforming of small items. It has the capability of operating effectively in high speeds. It is long lasting due to the durable structure. The industrial applicability of Light duty lathe machine is mainly in workshops and tool production. As a user of this machine you will be able to simply install it and use minimal effort to maintain its functionality.

Medium duty lathe machine-This type of machine finds high industrial applicability in workshops, paper mills, tool production and power plants where they are used for precise grade machining. The advantage of medium heavy-duty lathe machine is in the efficiency to use resources sustainability, bulk production of quality products, high durability and multipurpose capability.

Heavy duty lathe machine– This type of machine is industrially used to turn very hard objects for purposes of metal and woodworking in industries such as paper, power plants, and mining. It is made of durable and sturdy materials that incorporate modern technology capable of handling the heavy-duty work involved.

Extra heavy-duty lathe machine– handles heavier materials and objects for bulk production. It has industrial applicability in mining, shipping, and power plants for top grade machining work and so on and so forth.

CNC lathe machines, Types and their industrial application

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a modern technology that is widely used in manufacturing industry. CNC lathe machine has replaced the traditional machines which required trained personnel to operate. This technology is accurate and works digitally by the user pre designing the object and programming the tool path. The lathe then proceeds to automatically produce the object and the user may alter the process as required through a computer screen. The two types are Flat bed cnc lathe and Slant bed cnc lathe the difference being in the elevation of the bed. Some of the associated advantages of using cnc lathe machineare 24 hour day use, easier programming, easier updating and capability of mass production of the same item. Industrially applicable in precisely curving complex shapes and forms.

Read more in detail for All Geared Lathe Machines & CNC Lathe Machines.


All geared lathe machine have a wide industrial application hence making the machine an essential part of many companies which deal in metal, wood and plastic. The technology used in lathe machines has continued to advance over the years to cater for the dynamic and versatile industrial production segment.

Demand of Different Lathe Machines in Global Industrial Market

With advancement in technology there is more demand for low cost, high production lathe machines of high quality in the global industrial market.

Lathe machines are used to give a form or shape to a piece of work by cutting, drilling, sanding the metal or wood piece. These machines have a number of parts which are all very important and perform complex tasks. The person operating a lathe machine is called a turner and an experienced turner can do a wonderful job.

Different types of lathe machines are used for working with glass, metal, wood, spinning metal, shaping, etc. For every specific work, a particular type of lathe is used. Different industries require different type of lathe machines in the global market. A metal working lathe is used in a steel workshop and a carpentry workshop will need a wood working lathe.

Lathe machines are used

WM Series Dmtg Light Duity Lathefor shaping objects, making bolts out of a round bar, drilling at precise angles, to bore holes inside an object etc. Objects created by these machines are symmetrical. Multiple pieces of the same design can be made in a short time using lathes.


Types of lathe machines and their demand in global industrial market:

Different types of lathe machines, based on the functions and appearance, are available today. These are light in weight and compact, durable and long lasting. Different industries use varied lathe machines depending on their requirement and usage.

Many advanced type of lathes are also available with advanced technology and operated by computers. These CNC lathes are very precise and accurate and the work is done much faster than a normal lathe. These machines are in great demand globally.

In the manufacturing industries it is very vital that the product made is according to the WM series Dmtg Medium Dutyrequirement. Lathes work on different material, using the cutting tools these remove the extra material and give the desired shape, and size to the end product.

In the global industrial market lathes are being used in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing industries for metal and wood. For small job works like watches, jewelry etc. small table unit lathes are used and for big and very big works, large room unit lathes are used. Lathes are either manually operated or are automatic, computer controlled. Know more about Lathe Machines at Yash Machine Tools.

Based on the design and size we have metal working lathe, metal lathe, tool room lathe, turret lathe and some more. There is a growing demand for lathe machines in the global market as these are used for not only industrial products but also household products.

Items like lamp shades, crockery, furniture, and many decorative objects are being made with the help of lathes. Gas cylinders, brass items, pens, key rings, bats, ships, and engine parts, you name an item and it is made with the help of a lathe.

Lathe machines are also being used in fields like art, science, industry etc.


In the engineering sector, lathes play a very important part as these are used in most of the industries. These machines are not new to mankind as these have been used since ancient times. But now with advanced technology these machines are also advanced and are used world over.