Different Types of Drilling in Heavy Load Work Material

Piercing Requisites in Industries and Subsequent Machinery

Drilling equipment is generally applied to make holes in different textures of work resources like metal, wood, etc. Similarly, for piercing related operations including boring, counter boring, tapping and reaming drill remains a suitable machining tool.

General Purpose Piercing Machines

Drilling are not heavy remains simple remains simple, fast and precise with equipments like pillar, table top and column type drilling equipments. The boring operating can be done easily with and can be done relatively faster.

Boring devices with Radial Arm for Heavy materials

Boarding system with special attachment of radial arm is called Radial drill device. This equipment is designed with drilling head that can swing towards upward and downward direction and enables swing type movement. This mechanism works effectively to drill holes in heavy duty materials like metals, heavy wood logs, etc.

BRDC 410 All Geared Radial Drill Machine

Drill Spindle for Piercing Heavy Duty Work Material

The swing type arm applied for drilling operations assists in positioning the spindle in different positions to make the boring operation easier in heavy duty material. Some reputed manufacturers supply drill apparatus with excellent spindle adjustment like tilting or swiveling.

Special Radial Drill Equipment for Precise Machining in Heavy Duty Operations

Heavy duty radial drill is specially designed to machine heavy duty materials like wood and different types of metals like aluminium, steel, etc. This equipment remains a suitable option for creating holes of various diameters.

Piercing Operations with Radial Drill Machines

Radial drill equipment stays appropriate to perform variety of machining operations on heavy load work piece like casting iron. Some of the important and notable piercing operations are creating weldments, forgings, in-depth, etc. The radial arm remains comparatively lengthier than that of conventional systems.

Advantages of Creating Weldments

Weldment is the process of combining two metal pieces to obtain a single assembled part. Radial piercing equipment is applied to metal work pieces into precise shape to match with other work piece for easy weldment.

Capacity of Radial Equipments

Radial devices applied for boring are preferred commonly for large and heavy work piece. The arm rotation capacity remains excellent and the radial arm can rotate up to 180 degrees.  Hence, while investing in such heavy duty the investor should make sure of the quality of radial arm and spindle in order to obtain precision and long term machining applications.

Indian Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers

India leads the world market for models when it comes to manufacturing and supplying workshop machinery. Bhavya Machine Tools is one among the leading manufacturers of friendly machineries for machining activities and we supply various models tools which are designed from high quality materials.

Radial Drill from Bhavya Machine Tools

Bhavya Machines offers radial drills that can perform boring operations on heavy load materials. We make sure that every part of the apparatus is made of material that has high tensile strength hence; consumers can plan for durable investment on apparatus from Bhavya.


Drilling operations remain outstanding requirement in engineering and construction industries. Radial drill is one of the suitable equipments preferred to perform various operations for heavy duty materials.