CNC Electrohydraulic Synchronous Press Brake – A Superior Press Brake for High Precision Metal Bending

What is CNC electro-hydraulic mechanism?

Workshop machineries stay important to manage core machinery processes such as bending sheet and plate metals to predetermined shapes. Though there are innumerable machineries available worldwide, investing on a reliable, cost effective and efficient machinery that can add good revenue too. Press brake equipment is one of the workshop equipments that is applied for bending metal sheets of various thickness. It is also used in other applications to obtain accuracy such as metal cutting, pressing etc. As the demand for bending and pressing and other workshop related functions increases in industries, machine manufacturers are also travelling on the competency to offer innovative machineries. A CNC electro hydraulic synchronous press brake one of the excellent equipments designed to increase the efficiency workshop processes especially metal shaping as it works with dual option of electro and hydraulic principles.

Superior Features in CNC hydraulic press brake

The CNC or computerised numerically controlled device works in a better way in terms of efficient and controlled operation in shaping the metal as per absolute determination. In addition, the main attraction is the concept of synchronize control which helps the press brake equipment to manage work load and function efficiently. The upper deflection mechanism added to this device is an additional advantage with precise bending process can be done with ease. For those who wish to obtain reliable and efficient working in metal sheet bending process can opt for CNC equipped electro hydraulic press brake. In addition, some of the standard features such as


  • Rapid clamping
  • High precision electro-hydraulic proportional value control
  • Compact hydraulic unit
  • Installation of backguage that ensures for high accuracy
  • Modern method in  press brake that uses both hydraulic and electric motors that supports to work with predetermined pressure
  • The computerised control helps in attaining precision up to fraction of a millimetre
  • The sequence and subsequent pressure required for bending is automatically controlled

Advantages in the application of CNC press brake in bending tasks

When compared to the bending tasks done by other bending equipments such as a normal press brake, from the industrial utilisation point of view a CNC press brake has several advanced technologies. The advanced functionality is due to the presence of computerised control system and dual power operation such as electro-hydraulic mechanism with which the cost of bending process can be reduced relatively less and high precision can be expected. Some of the significant benefits of the CNC press equipment are Click Here to get more information on CNC Electrohydraulic Synchronous Press Brake.

  • It is quiet easy to manage or control the mechanism by a single stroke at any random point during the course of processing.
  • Provision for deflection compensation
  • Reliable option for high precision
  •  Operates at relatively with less power consumption
  • Safe to work with
  • Can be preferred to bend large metal sheets with accurate dimension


With such an advanced technology, this type of CNC hydraulic press brake equipment is found to be useful for industries like automobile, metal, plastic fabrication, wood industry, etc. The high precision that can be obtained from this equipment, speedy production process at a cost effective investment are some of the other features that highlights the speciality of the machine.