Factors to Consider When Buying a Bending Machine, and The Different Types

A bending machine is a forming machine tool that is used for manufacturing a bend on a workpiece. The tool bends or shapes metal by using a linear or rotating movement. Once the workpiece has been bent, it is placed in the bending machine’s die and the tool is moved to the next step. A bending machine is commonly found in manufacturing plants, automotive companies, and manufacturing shops. You can read more about the machines below.

What is Electric Pipe Bending Machine?

When purchasing an electric pipe bending machine, there are several factors to consider. You must understand the strength and tensile strength of the materials that you plan to bend. These numbers are essential for selecting the right bending die and the correct bending machine for your needs. You should consider the bend radius of the pipes that you plan to bend as well as the materials that will be shaped. The bend die is the most important component of an electric pipe bending machine.

The basic features of an electric pipe bending machine are the bend die, wiper die, mandrel, clamp, and pressure die. The bender can bend any material. It can also bend thick steel or conductor pipes. It can be used to create simple and complex shapes and is capable of working with aluminium, steel, and stainless steel. It has dies and is easy to operate.

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

What is Manual Pipe Bending Machine?

A quality manual pipe bending machine should have several options for bending. It should be capable of measuring the length and thickness of the tube, as well as providing an accurate bend. The machine should also be easy to use, as most of them are operated by hand. There are many benefits of a hand tube bender. With a manual tube bending machine it is not difficult to incorporate changes in the tube geometry. It is also cost-effective to purchase a dedicated machine if you need to make significant changes. 

What is Cold-frame Bending Machine?

A cold-frame bending machine is an industrial machine that can perform level and vertical bending of a pre-curved three-dimensional plate. The machine uses intelligent numerical control to complete bending tasks simultaneously. It has an advanced chord measurement system and an integrated geometric coordinate detecting device. Using this machine, you can save time and money. This machine also reduces the waste of material.

The basic components of a cold-frame bending machine are a die clamping device, a movable arm, and a support distance regulating mechanism. The movable arm has a central opening for the operator to check the radius and other parameters. The machine is also equipped with automatic transport. Cold-frame bending machines are generally available in different power outputs. These machines are popular with users because of their ease of operation.

What is CNC Bending Machine?

When you are selecting a CNC bending machine for a certain application, it’s important to understand the physics of how a CNC bends a given piece of metal. This machine has four times the deflection and fewer shims required. A smaller machine, on the other hand, requires less shim adjustment and can produce the same finished parts more quickly. One of the factors that affect bending machine deflection is the grade of the material. Stainless steel and soft aluminium, for example, require more load than low-carbon steel. The manufacturer of a CNC bending machine will have a tonnage table that will tell you the exact tonnage needed per foot of material.

Traditional bending machines require trial and error to set up the metal sheet. The operator must hold the sheet tightly so that it doesn’t shift up. Additionally, multiple bends in a single sheet require adjusting the gauge manually. Changing the opening is also a major safety concern, so be sure that the lower mould isn’t touching the material. Likewise, there should be no one working behind the bending machine while it’s operating.

The Bottom Line

We are committed to offering a distinctive selection of Hydraulic Pipe Bending equipment as one of the most reputable companies in the sector. There are several ways in which these devices vary from others. They have strong and largely indestructible dies. The market for hydraulic and electric pipe bending equipment is expanding quickly. Additionally, hydraulic pipe bending devices have several uses. Also, the information provided above will assist you in determining the best pipe bender for your requirements.