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Iron Worker – One Machine for Multiple Uses

An ironworker is possibly a universal instrument for a metal-worker and, therefore, synonymous with its affordability, is certainly considered among the first machines a metal workshop will own.

It is a multipurpose machine that can handle various tasks. These machines do the work of punching, shearing, and notching. Their size and capacity differ and are available as systems with one or two operators.

What is an Ironworker?

Ironworker Machine is a category of tool that offers a mechanical advantage by performing multiple tasks like punching, shearing, shaping, or bending and cutting out metal by pulling a lever or pushing a button. With these tools, you can execute these operations quite simply without using a drill or an abrasive-cutting tool.


Industrial Applications of an Ironworker


Punching occurs when a hardened punch is passed through a material to form a hole. Punched holes are usually round; however, it form can be square, oblong, or custom-shaped, depending on the punch or die’s shape. The size of the hole and the punch will be the same. Punching comprises of 3 elements that are added to the standard Ironworker; Punch, Stripper and Die.

Punch: It is mounted to the Ram of an Ironworker. A punch is a solid form of tool steel that can tolerate the tons of force needed to push it through stainless steel or aluminum and steel plates.

Stripper: The stripper is the device that holds down the material to be punched.

Die: This is the tool in which the punch is inserted into before it can be used to force a punch into any materials.

Angle Shearing

An ironworker also includes shearing function. In the case, the angle shearing will deliver a distortion-free and burr-free shear cut to mild steel angle material into any dimension.

Bar Shearing

An ironworker is equipped with a shear blade that cuts the metal sheet or plate into any given dimension. A metal plate is placed in-between 2 blades and is held in place by a mechanical device named a hold-down, which securely holds the material before the scissor-like act of the shearing blade.


Notching is a cutting procedure by which small pieces of metals are taken out to provide relief for molding or other needs. The process is also called “coping” when it involves shaped material like tubes. Many machines are solely designed for this purpose but ironworker provides the benefits of performing this task along with several others.

Plate Shearing

The shearing function of an Ironworker machine works in different ways. Just like a bar shear, plate shearing also involves cutting a sheet metal using shearing force to produce straight-line cuts.


The Demand of Ironworker Machine in the Industry

Their suitability, adaptability, and function have made an ironworker machine an essential tool in lots of fabrication workshop. Ironworker machinery is a cost-saving substitute for other equipment for a variety of reasons.

It is more cost-effective to buy an Ironworking Machine than the three separate machines that it replaces. Metal fabricators also use an ironworker as it saves money because they take up less space, operate faster, and can save time consumption also.

Ironworker’s advantage makes it ideal for both smaller businesses with fewer employees and for busy operations that need all possible productivity advantages. For fabricators of all sizes, an ironworker machine may be a precious asset that delivers benefits for both the short and long term.

The Demand of Sheet Metal Machines in Gulf Countries

Sheet metal machines are devices used to cut, drill, press and mold the hard metals into specific forms. Metals like Aluminium, steel, copper, iron, brass or nickel required to be forged into sheets before they can be used in an ample way.

There are seven Arab states of the Persian Gulf which are Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Scope of the Sheet Metal Industry in Gulf Countries

United Arab Emirates Any nation needs the metal industry in full working force for success and progress. Better infrastructure and an established economy need this industry to flourish.

UAE is also expecting to observe an increase in the steel industry by 30% in 2021. However, the demand for steel products remains the same but the ongoing construction projects estimated till 2026 amid fluctuations keep this segment going forward.

The metal industry has a promising forecast for the future. The steel industry by 2022 is bound to reach a market value of US $ 4 billion.


Bahrain has been emerging as the world’s second-largest exporter of aluminum wire since 2012. However, there was a downfall in between but it has regained its place and is the second-largest aluminum smelter in the Middle East. Bahrain ranks 46th out of 189 countries in ease of doing business. On top of it, its strategic location in the gulf can be advantageous to its industries.

Iraq This country has gone through massive destruction during recent years. So to rebuild a nation proper infrastructure is required. The country is heavily dependent on the metal industry for various such works. The total steel consumption was around 3.2 million tonnes recorded in 2018.

The same trend is with Oman. The overall demand estimated is approximately 2 million tonnes by 2020. Accounting to major infrastructure works and economic diversifies the nation’s dependence on metal has been increasing since the past few years and hence there is an increase in sheet metal machines.

Inference for Steel Metal Machines

From the above-mentioned paragraphs about the demand for metal in all of the nations in the gulf, it is clearly observed that there is a potential market for these machines. Maybe it natural occurring metal or importing from some other nation, it has been established that there is the demand for metals for construction or some other industries. Steel metal machines are used to provide a workable format to the metals. It helps to cut, drill and mould into a specific shape. So a huge presence of metal I or construction/ real estate industry there will be a requirement for these machineries.

According to a report of Worldsteel data, in 2017 the Middle East crude steel production substantially increased by 11.8%. Iran is another nation in the queue of producing an ace quantity of steel. These nations will thus heavily depend on the machines in order to supply them to the nations in whichever form they want.

Sheet Metal Machines that Impacts Your Operations

To ensure and to project profitable operation strategies, it’s important to have right layout of the Sheet Metal Machine and choosing the right strategic partner.
There are various types of Sheet Metal Equipment that are being used in the industry. Each machine type has its specific use for respective type of work.
Below are few listed Machine types:

  • Power Press
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Iron Worker
  • Plate Rolling
  • Section Rolling
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bending
  • Notcher
  • Bordering M/C
  • Horizontal Bending Press
  • Folding M/C

Evolutions of Sheet Metal Machinery
As it is understood that the metal working industry employ extensive class of sheet metal equipment targeted to specific work. Its consistent evolution since last more than hundreds of years has made it possible to architect and gives metal the most complex and innovative shapes.
It has also made it feasible and viable to reduce the manual work efforts and also increased the accuracy. New technologies has also been introduced that level up the production ratio and reduced waste material that saves lot of cost to the organisation.
Impact of good layout of your Sheet Metal Equipment
In today’s era of high operation costs which also includes immense investments in machinery cost and wages of employees, it’s important that each resource be it human resource or work equipment are used effectively and efficiently.
Having efficient and properly allocated shop and machine layout helps reduce lot of time over a specific work and will end up being cost effective too. Certainly a complete change over for machine and shop layout is not needed, we need to find out specific solutions:

  • Allocating smaller sheet metal work area for definite operation.
  • Replacing older machine with new one.
  • Timely maintenance of the machine.
  • Customized designed machine for specific operation.

These factors will increase production, turnover ratio, reduces cost and saves time.
In yesteryears, machines required more man-power to operate and finish the work as there were much simpler machines. Now a days, Sheet Metal Machine Manufacturers are designing and developing machines which can be operated and handled by one person. Today, semi and fully automated sheet metal machines are available.
It is also important to determine and analyse the cost of new machinery and equipment that justifies the volume and type of work. It is desirable to consider whether new machinery that is being planned to purchase would be large or adequate enough to impact your operations.
It is important to get the right designing assistance and support for specific machines.
Brief of designing and optimizing various machines

It’s important to accurately calculate cutting force of the Power Press, as it will be required to cut the desired material.

CNC Press Brake
There are several considerable aspect to construct right machine like designing of punch, design of die block thickness, cutting force calculation, gear design, design of pinion shaft and gear shaft.
Henceforth, various and consistent modifications and developments are possible as per the requirement.

It’s vital to look and check for right parts for the proposed set up that will be modelled the required manufacturing of Hydraulic Press Machine, like, support structure which is an assembly of frame and bed, die which is an integral part of process to architect needed shape. Plunger and Hydraulic Cylinder are the main functions to check for.

There are various challenges to design and structure this machine. The winning design of Iron Worker Machine would be simplest with minimal materials. Several types of specific equipment are available today in the market. Choose the one which are best suited for your business and work.

These days, thicker plates of 6 and 7 inches are formed with plate rolls. Certainly, it has fixed geometry system of plate rolls that would have three to four rolls. This system arrangement is quite simple and efficient yet it leaves behind the unbent flat as plates are getting thicker.

If the structure of the particular equipment is carefully reviewed, it can high tool cost and wear and saves money like Bending Radii, Part Length, Depth of Form, Wide Sections. One also needs to check factors responsible for dimensional variations like Tooling Wear, Machine Deflation, Thickness, Machine Deflation and more.
There are so many machine layouts that meets your exact needs and requirement that will impact your operations and process and level up for better growth and success.
Whether you are a large industrial Plant or Small, if you are targeting globally or domestically, we have an excellent history of supplying extensive range can supplies wide range of Sheet Metal Machines and other equipment tools too. We believe in providing complete customer guarantee.

Innovative Machines for Various Industrial Processes

Folding Machine

The folding machine is mainly used to fold paper which is either done by a knife or a buckle. The buckle works by pushing the paper at a high speed the paper is gripped and moves through the machine thereby been folded. The machine is designed to achieve high output with minimal human input required, thus efficiency is achieved.

folding machine

The knife in the folding machine normally works by placing the paper between two rollers. Since the knife is not usually sharp enough to cut the paper, it just creates creases along the paper where the required folds are. These particular machines are mostly preferred for making maps and other thick paper.

Border Machine

Border Machine

The border machine is used to create borders along a work piece. In some cases, the machine can also be used to put additional decorative materials on a work piece for instance ribbons. The border machine is also used to join several layers of fabrics. The border machine can do continuous straight sewing, zipper installation, production of fabric handles and many other innovative processes. In development, efficiency considerations have been made such as ease of calibration, low maintenance, energy saving, robust and has great workmanship which translates easy operation.

Mini Milling Machine

Mini Milling Machine

The mini milling machine uses a milling cutter to remove the material from the surface of a work piece. The milling machine usually has several cutting points so that the tool will cut the material continuously in an inward and outward manner. As the process goes on the unwanted material or the chips are shoved off from the work piece. Various models have been developed that are efficient and designed to suit your scale of production.

Tube Notcher

Tube Notcher

The tube notcher works by joining light gauge tubes so as to produce similar joints or a tee. This is similar to what happens in welding.  Before the assembly of the products is done, either one or both of the tubes may be notched by the machine. This process is commonly used in the manufacturing of frames for the bicycles.

The machine allows for easy joining and welding of tubs at various angles. It is constructed in innovative design that includes manual, hole saw, abrasive and eccentric mill designs. The tube capacity varies depending on the machine capability and motored abrasive notchers have also been developed.

Drill Bit Grinder

Drill Bit Grinder

This drill bit grinder is used in sharpening milling cutters and is very versatile. It is manufactured with high quality and strength material such as high speed steel, cobalt or carbide to ensure efficient grinding operations. It has a totally enclosed motor, made of hardened and ground slide rails. The housing is made to ensure no dust ingress during grinding.

Portable CNC Cutting Machine

Portable CNC Cutting Machine

This portable CNC cutting machine normally cuts through materials that are electrically conductive. Typical materials that are involved include steel, aluminum, brass and copper. This machine has been used since the 1960’s and is very productive in cutting sheet metal. It is also cleaner and more accurate since there are no metal chips to shove off.

Different Types of Bordering Machine and Its Applications

Maximizes on your return and increase your production input with bordering machine. The machines are excellently designed in ensuring efficiency accuracy and increase the mechanical performances in their operations. The machine are constructed with high quality materials enabling it to have a consistently operating for a long life cycle with minimum maintenances cost. The bordering machine manufactures are certified and accredited for meeting the international standards thresholds.

Bordering machine is found to be very effective in industries like quilts, blanket, bedding sheets, sofa sheets industries and workshops and makes the operation very efficiency and reduces the workloads.  Kindly Visit –

They are various different types of the bordering machine in the market which includes: manual operated bordering machine, power operated bordering machine, bedding trimming bordering machine, quilts bordering machine, hydraulic bordering machine and trimming bordering machine among many others.

Types of Bordering Machine and Applications

Enhance Your Manufacturing Prospective and Maximize on Return with Different Types of Bordering Machine and its Applications in Various Industries

Maximizes on your return and increase your production input with bordering machine. The machines are excellently designed in ensuring efficiency accuracy and increase the mechanical performances in their operations. The machine are constructed with high quality materials enabling it to have a consistently operating for a long life cycle with minimum maintenances cost. The bordering machine manufactures are certified and accredited for meeting the international standards thresholds.

Unique Features of Bordering Machine.

The bordering machines are manufactured from high quality standards raw materials that are internationally accredited for use worldwide. The newest technological advancements incorporate in ensuring easy operation and hassle free product range. They have high efficiency levels with minimal break down and give along life services to the customers. The other technical features includes: casted iron heavy duty main frame, forward and backward adjustable sheet supports, easy to carry for workshops and builds with the consideration of client safety among many others.


Bordering Machine for Industrial Applications.

Bordering machine is found to be very effective in industries like quilts, blanket, bedding sheets, sofa sheets industries and workshops and makes the operation very efficiency and reduces the workloads.

Different Types of Bordering Machine Available in the Market.

They are various different types of the bordering machine in the market which includes: manual operated bordering machine, power operated bordering machine, bedding trimming bordering machine, quilts bordering machine, hydraulic bordering machine and trimming bordering machine among many others.


Why use Bordering Machines in Workshop Operations?

Bordering machines are very efficient and are of great significant in the workshops operational as they maximizes on production and make work easier. It is very important for the workshops operators to use bordering machine in reducing the operating work load and increases the production efficiency. The machines are easy to operate, simple to maintain with high production input. Bordering machine is fast, durable, accurate and save time. The machines are readily available in the market at affordable prices

Cost Advantages and Extra High Performance Using Bordering Machine.

They are numerous special benefits which one can enjoy when using bordering machine that overexert the cost of buying the machine. The machine is cost effective, accredited, high speed, effectiveness and excellent in performances.

The Current Market Trend for Bordering Machine and Advancements in Technologies.

In the current market trend the bordering machine are geared by creativity, originality and inventiveness in market. The market trend is very competitive and manufactures ensures their product are of high quality with instant tangible result. The market trend is expanding continuously in the international arena. Technological advancements have been integrated by the bordering machine manufactures in meeting the client demand globally.

Worldwide Demand for Bordering Machine.

The growth in the demand of the bordering machine has continued to increase over the years and is expected to keep on increasing in future. Due to increase in the demand of bordering machines the manufactures has adopted the newest technological advancements in meeting the client demand globally as the customer’s needs are taken care with quality and safety guaranteed. Get to know about Bordering Machine, visit at


The highly quality designed bordering machine stand for power, accuracy, speed, smooth operation, durability, flexibility and efficient operation that leads to increase in production and capitalizes on the profit. The bordering machine has unique features that are outstanding such as: easy to operate with smooth functioning, up and down movement is adjustable, cost effective, long life service and lower energy consumption among many others. The latest technological advancements are integrated in ensuring hassle free performance with maximum production.

Fold and Bend Metal and Plastic Pipes to Right Dimensions and Shape Using Specially Designed Hydraulic, Electric and Manual Pipe Bending Machines

Bending of plastic and metal pipes is widely done during plumbing and in development of support frames with tube structures.

Features and Applications of Manual Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Manual pipe bending machines use mechanical levers to increase the operators force and cause the bending action.  Manual pipe bending machines are cheap, easy to use and don’t require electrical energy input. They are ideal for bending small diameter pipes for single applications.

Features and Applications of the Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Hydraulic bending machines have greater functionality as compared to manual hydraulic pipe bending machine. They use the hydraulic principle to increase the force of bending.

These machines have a distinctive hydraulic cylinder with the handle being attached to the piston of the hydraulic system.  The other end of the piston is attached to the one of the folding dies.

For this machine, the hand or foot pedaling provides the force which is amplified by the hydraulic systems and these results to faster pipe and tube bending.  Using this machine, the operator can bend large diameter pipes.


The use of hydraulic system enable easy bending of pipes and this machine can be used in small manufacturing environment with moderate number of pipes to bend.

Features and Application of the Electrical Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Electrical hydraulic driven bending machines are the most advanced. In these machines, an electric motor is used to pump hydraulic fluid which in turn performs the bending action.

These machines are more robust and perform heavy duty pipe and tube bending.  Depending on their capacity, they can bend small and large diameter pipes with great accuracy and precision. various tools and dies can be used to produce different types of bend.

The machine has two dies, the pressure die and clamping die. To perform the bending operation, a mandrel is fitted on pipe and fastened using clamping die. The pressure die is closed and the bending angle selected. The machine then bends the pipe with great accuracy and precision.


These machines are suitable for high production environment where repeated bending is done.  The bending operation only entails clamping, bending and removing the pipes. Wrinkle free pipes are produced.

These machines are also fitted with a PLC controller to control the applied pressure, bending angle and other operations.

Comparison between Different Pipe Bending Machines and Their Suitability in Different Applications

Manual pipe bending machines are suited for light duty operations such as small workshops.  They are less costly and easy to use. However, they are not suitable for high volume production and cannot fold large pipes.

Hydraulic bending machines can be applied in medium range operations. They are ideal for bending large and small pipes in low production volume industries.

Electrical hydraulic machines are suitable for high production volumes and high pressure bending. They are more advanced and robust. For more visit at


Pipe bending machine are widely applied in plumbing and in forming tubular frame structures. The pressure applied during bending and the production volume determines the bending machine to be used.

Fold Sheet Metal and Other Products Effectively Using the Robust and Specially Designed Folding Machines

The highly quality designed folding machine stand for power, accuracy, speed, smooth operation and flexibility. With the incorporation of the latest technology folding machines are efficient and capable of folding large metal sheet components. Folding machine has unique range of features which includes: robust, efficient performance, durable and maintenance free. Having folding machines in folding sheet metals and other product is of great significant to industrial operations.

Main Features of Manual Folding Machines

The folding machines are of unparalleled quality assurance and hassle free performance. They are readily affordable, corrosion resistant, easy to operate, cost effective and reliable sourced from certified manufactures.

Easily adjustable top beam and swing beam that is able to suit several gauges of different metal sheet materials. It allows free movements as the top beam is able to moves backward in folding different thickness and also the enabling pre folded materials in producing large radius when necessary.

The machines are very versatile with unique designs and mounted on suitable fabrication such as proper height that ensures ease operations, wider stand base that enhances stability and flexible upper and lower beam that ensures ease operation and moves smoothly with a lot of efficiency.


Applications of Manual Folding machine

The manual folding machines are excellent designed for manual operation in the metal sheet industries. It is applied in the various industries such as: folding metal sheets industries, workshops, tool rooms and engineering workshops.

Main Features of the Electric Folding Machine

Electric folding has a main special unique feature that increases the production such as continuous feeders which are unstoppable that ensures high efficiency that greatly improves input and maximizes on the productivity.

It contains electric controller system that regulates high speed with advanced reliability. It also have touchable screen that visualizes all the functioning operations making them easier in facilitating smooth functions that ensures increases in the productivity as well as decreasing operating errors.

Applications of Electric Folding Machine

The electricity folding machine is overwhelmed applied in the metal sheet industries, metal sheet workshops, engineering constructions sites among many others.


Use of Folding Machines in Sheet Metal Production Industries

The folding machine are very suitable and are in immense demand globally for their latest technology advances and adjustable light design, economical use, affordable, cost effective, less maintenance cost, easy to operate, accuracy, ease operation with smooth functioning, and overwhelming efficiencies. They are the most perfect and effective metal production industries due to the following outstanding features such as: easy operation, precision and save time and this resulted to increase in profit and maximizes on productivity.

Safety and Ergonomic Features of Using Sheet Metal Folding Machine as Compared to other Folding Methods

The folding machines are effective in ensuring the safety of the users compared to other folding methods.  The sensors laser devices add safety to the operators during the metal sheet folding formations. The slitter stop ensures smooth movement of process and automatically stops in case of the any interruption. They are supplied with emergency foot pedals. The bending beam only works when is in the right position. Further more information visit at


Metal sheet folding machines have greatly improved and maximized production in the folding metal sheet industries globally due to its unique features as well as design that have ensures smooth and efficient operational leading to capitalization of profits. The folding machines have outstanding features such as: easy to operate, low energy consumption, up and lower movement is adjustable, cost effective, fine quality, durable, corrosion resistant among many others.

Make Tube Notches, End Notches and Other Pipe Notches Using Tube Notching Machine

Great value production efficiency for maximum returns using quality unparalleled tube notching machine and increase the production input. The higher quality standards performing tube notching machines are exceptional as they are manufactured with the incorporation of the latest technology and meet the international set guidelines and regulations’. They developed by experienced professionals. The machines are used in making tube notching, end notching and side notching.

Tube and Pipe Notching Process and Its Applications in Pipe Fitting and Forming Joints in Tubes

Notching is a process of cutting metal. The raw materials for notching process includes: aluminum, stainless steel, pipes, tubes and extruder among many others. Notching takes several forms and shapes as they are processed depending on the client needs and the raw materials to be used.


The tube and pipe notching are often performed before the tubes are joined together to form a similar joint. End notch is the process of forming a cut at the end of the tube in creating a shape that will match to existing tube. Side notch is process of opening cut into the side of the tube in creating a bending or a joint.They are applied in the following areas: irrigation, pipes for industrial plants and tubes jointing.

Unique Features of Tube Notching Machine

Some of the salient features of tube notching machine includes: easy to operate, no cutting oil required, corrosion resistance and accurate angle cut guaranteed.

The machine life is much longer with less maintenance cost as they are professionally designed with the user convenience at heart.

They are of high quality with proper profile that matches with different tubes with ease and this resulted to reduction in time wastage as well as wastage.


Applications of the tube notching machine

They are applied in the following areas: coping round tubes or pipes together, handrails, and furniture industries, gates, electrical appliances, stores displays equipment, gymnasium equipment baby strollers, hospital equipment and chemical plant – petrochemical plants.

Types of Tube Notching Machines and their Differences

The tube notching machines are aesthetically designed and highly precision engineered for ensuring quality, functionality and long life services. They are internationally tested and accredited for quality standards and includes: oil seal notching machine highly used by the oil manufactures in ensuring hassle free with durable service.

Hydraulic notching machine which is used for different desirable angles as it cut angle from the end edge of the blade.

Notch broaching machine is robust designed with salient a feature that enables it to cut notches accurately. The machine is simple to operate, durable and cuts notches to desired presentable standards.


Standard notching machine that permit notching at fixed angle of 90 degrees. It also guarantees a clean cut with accuracy.

Use of Notching Machines in Mass Production of Tubular Structures

The notching machines are widely used in the bike frames fabrication process, tables with tubes stand, building construction, automotive (seat frames, stabilizes, exhaust), cycle, motorcycle frames, irrigation systems, boilers tubes, material handling equipment and refrigeration pipes. Further more information about tube notches, end notches and other pipe notches using Tube Notching Machine, visit –


The notching machines are widely appreciated of exceptional efficiency, longer services life, easy to operate, cost effective, less maintenance cost, proper profile matching with different tubes and notches, quality and durable in functionality. They are various types of quality standard notching machine available in the market such as pipe and tube notching machine, Hydraulic notching machine and Standard notching machine among many others. Its application includes: furniture such as beds, buildings constructions, electrical appliances, stores displays equipment, gymnasium equipment baby strollers, and hospital equipment among many others.

Is it Mandatory to Choose Machining Tool for Sheet Metal Processing?

Sheet Metal Processing and its Importance in the Engineering Industries

Sheet metal work pieces can be of steel, aluminium, copper, and many more types of metals. Metal sheets are applied in different types of engineering industries. The industrial applications differ and the selection of metal sheets also depends on the thickness, size, and type of metals that need to be processed.

Conventional Sheet Metal Process

Sheet metal processing is not an easy job always as not all metals are flexible for bending or cutting operations. Earlier hand operated tools were applied to bend metal sheets; hence, the expense for labour remained considerably higher for metal sheet machining. Similarly, manual processes consumed more time and slow down the other production process as well.

Inception of Machines for Sheet metal works

Machineries replaced the need for more labour assistance as far as sheet metal work is concerned. With the help of bending, cutting and milling machineries industries were able to obtain precise machining options with reduced labour cost and lesser time consumption.

Types of Machineries Applied for Sheet Metal Processing

A press device stayed the most often preferred machining option for metal plates’ processing. Later on specific machineries were designed to manage machining of different metal plates and to obtain precise results. Equipments such as milling device, hydraulic pipe bending machine, bordering machine, rolling machine are some of the notable designs of machinery introduced to carry out the machining perfectly.


Where to get Equipments to shape Sheet Metals?

Sheet metal machines are available worldwide, yet it is important to find a manufacturer of supplier who can provide his clients with a reliable, cost effective and high performing machines. Yash Machine Tools is one of the leading workshop components suppliers who offer wide range of sheet metal components.

Equipments for all Machining Seasons

Yash Machine Tools provide power press, hydraulic press, iron worker, plate and section rolling machine, hydraulic and horizontal bending press, folding machine, notcher, etc. Power press is suitable equipment for bending operation over sheet metals and it consumes very less power.


Hydraulic Operated Pipe Bending Machine

It works by using the pressure sequence created by hydraulic motor and this equipment is applied largely in bending hard metal pipes. The machine is equipped with dies to carry on with the bending operation and a clamping cylinder is also provided to avoid material slipping out of the clamp.

Advantages of specific metal machining processes done with machine component

Bordering machine stays efficient option in cutting or shaping metal work piece that is rotating. Similarly, this machine can do the cutting operation considering the border of the metal sheet as the reference point.


Smart Sheet Metal machining process

Ironworker is smart equipment applied in sheet metal industry that stays very supportive to perform multiple operations starting from shearing, to drilling holes on metal sheets and many more advantages are there.


Sheet metal processing and subsequent machining tool have to be maintained proportionately to obtain flawless machining work on metal sheets. Visiting Yash Machine Tools will further give idea as to which type of machinery need to be selected for specific sheet metal working.