Some Important Points for Shearing Machines

The shear machine uses shear force to cut off parts of a sheet. Shearing or die cutting uses a process that cuts stock without the involvement of melting or burning process and no chip formation. Shear machines are available with various capacities in the market along with overload protection. Shearing is used mainly to divide big flat stock like plate, sheet, and strip. Straight knife shearing is utilized for square cutting and flat stock cutting in desired shape and size, mainly rectangle and square though it is also used for triangles and other straight-sided shapes. It is capable of cutting small lengths at an angle to decrease the necessary force required.

Hydraulic Swing Beam Machine

The shearing machine’s hold-down cylinder is driven by the hydraulic system to move the steel plate and the right & the left oil cylinder for driving blade up and down. Both of the blades have a clearance of 0.04mm. The accuracy errors between the edge of the blade and gaps are above 0.1mm, making accuracy twice worse than the guillotine machine.


The toll holder is curved, making an arc point contact to provide straightness of shear material. When a sheet of less than 20 mm is being cut the shear angle of the machine cannot be altered as the result the material has twisted twist. The machine cannot use its all 4 edges of the blade for cutting of metal plate due to blade movement.

CNC Shearing Machine

CNC shears are generally used to cut the products with a length which ranges from 8 to 12 feet with a width of 24 to 39 inches. The machines are specially designed to handle different gauges along with high strength and toughness. Continuous manufacturing is achieved with the help of cold rolling, galvanization, and cutting to the requested size. Commonly the roofing items gauge stretches from very thin 32 to very thick, 18, as the gauge size increases the weight of equipment increases.

For industrial uses, the machines are automated and hydraulic pneumatic to decrease the required force for cutting the materials. They are designed specially to clamp and cut with minimal damage to the products with a clean straight edge.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

The machine’s rear guide rail is pressed by the bearing with a back compression spring pad, to eradicate the front and rear guide rails. With the straight tool holder, it guarantees the straightness of shearing material along with more precision. The shear angle of the guillotine machine can be adjusted easily.

The machine can use all the four-cutting edge, both lower and upper blade are in the shape of a rectangle. The machine is designed to make smaller cutting angles to decrease the distortion of sheet metal and effectively increase the speed of cutting. Most of the modern guillotine shear machines use self-lubricating spherical bearings to reduce manual efforts. The machine uses three-point rolling guide support for linear vertical motion. It comes with adjustable cutting angles for the plate in various thicknesses.