Use of Bandsaw in Fabrication of Metallic Door and Widows


It is said that a chain is strongest at its weakest link; therefore, it is imperative that all aspects of construction industry are taken to consideration. The manufacturing of strong durable building opening not only improves security but also increases the aesthetic appeal for most buildings. These opening must be constructed to accurate dimensions and the required curves. Modern doors and windows are made not only to prevent breakages but also enhance the beauty of the house, are fireproof and also weather resistant.

Band saws play a crucial role in the manufacturing process for both metal and wooden components. It is a vital tool that all small and large workshops must acquire. Primarily, they come as either horizontal or vertical types.


Small and large fabrication processes

This equipment is normally characterized by a straight narrow endless saw that forms a circular path. The blade orientation may be vertical or horizontal.  The cutting action is achieved through continuous rotation of the blade while the work piece is pushed against the blade.

Small scale workshops primarily have numerous jobs with high variability.  The job done today may be completely different from the one done the next day.  Bandsaw device allows great variation in the work piece shape, size, material and the shape of the final product. It is therefore an ideal tool for such production centers.

Small and large fabrication processes

Large production centers on the other hand are characterized by huge volumes of repetitive work. This device is fast, reliable and accurate cutting to various sizes which makes it an ideal tool for mass production. Unlike the power and hack saw, these devices achieve high degree of variability since their blades can be tilted. This enhances their scope of utilization in modern machine shops.

Utilizing bandsaw in attractive metal door fabrication

Modern door and widow fabrication is characterized by attractive designs manufactured through cutting complex shapes and welding them together. To cut these shapes, this machine tool is most ideal as the blade is narrow and hardened such that it can be bent to a large degree before breaking. This enables the operator to make complex curves such as circular, parabolic, ellipses which are all used in beautifying the end products.

Utilizing bandsaw in attractive metal door fabrication

In addition, these devices are used to make straight and angular cuts on metallic rods, tubes, angle lines, rectangular hollow section, and solid bars. All these are constituents of modern entrances.   

Facts and statistics on utilization in small and large scale workshops

The Bandsaw market is set to increase as the construction industry develops around the world. The demand for doors and windows and other metallic products is set to increase with construction. Subsequently, the bandsaw market is set to increase so as to respond to the urgent need for these products.

There is already an increasing trend in the demand for these devices since machine cut products have high dimensional stability, are accurate and produce aesthetic products. In addition, machines increase the quality and quantity of the end product resulting to increased productivity and profitability.