The Significance of Spindle in CNC Milling Machine and Gantry Type Machining Centre

Milling Machines and its working Principle

Working with solid work piece materials is a tough job indeed as it might not be easy to obtain precision in machining. It is considered as the best alternative to handle a number of hand operated milling operations with ease and with accuracy.

Types of Milling Equipments

Milling equipment is available in customized specifications to machine the work piece. The spindle plays the key role in milling operation and the machinery is classified based on the spindle orientation into vertical or horizontal models.

Spindle Operation in Vertical Milling Machine

The spindle is set for vertical orientation in vertical milling device. Wherein, the spindle stays the main specification and it is only with the help of spindle that the machining operation can be adjusted in over different sides of the work piece material.

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Spindle Movement in CNC Vertical Milling Machine

CNC vertical Milling machine provided ultimate mechanism with no compromise made on accuracy. The spindle operation of this milling machine type is computer numerically controlled; hence, investors can expect flawless machining operation. Similarly CNC embedded milling tool usually contains good production capacity therefore for large production demands and milling over top to bottom direction CNC vertical milling device is the right choice.

Gantry Type Machining Centre and its working Principle

For multi-functional milling operation gantry type machining centre is the right choice. This equipment is one of the latest and versatile milling equipments and gaining familiarity among the industries for its structural excellence and quality of operation.

Milling Equipments Supplied by Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools is a workshop machinery supplying company that supports the engineering industries with variety of standard and customized machining components. Milling components from Yash Machine Tools are known for their reliability, high performance, quality and relatively lesser pricing than imported machines.


Types of Milling Tools Supplied by Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools provide milling tools for various levels of production such as light duty, heavy duty and CNC milling operations. They specifically offer CNC milling and VMC such as WM series vertical CNC milling machine  and WM series Gantry type machining centre to several engineering industries.

Spindle Features in Gantry Type Milling Device offered by Yash Machine Tools

Gantry Type milling tool available at Yash Machine Tools is designed with latest machine designing process using software assistance. This milling tool is available with 5 face machining spindle that offer convenience in orientation of the work piece metal. Similarly, this machine is multipurpose and can be operated both manually and automatically.

X-Axis Y-Axis Mechanism in Gantry Type Milling Process

The 5 faced machining spindles are differentiated into X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis spindle. The X-axis spindle is adjustable with manual assistance, the y-axis works on automatic mode and the z-axis stays helpful to handle metal work piece which has more width. However, both spindles supports for accuracy in milling operation.


Milling equipments need to be selected based on the spindle position and the strength of the spindle. Equipments supplied by Yash Machines are made according to the international standards; hence, they stay reliable, durable and high performing.