Obtaining a Precise Cutting Dimension for Irregular Shapes from Bandsaw Equipment

Mechanism in Bandsaw Equipment

A bandsaw is a peculiar workshop component applied to make curves, spherical shapes and different types of asymmetrical shapes. Work piece materials ranging from smaller size to large pieces can be handled by a bandsaw device; hence, it is considered as multipurpose machining device.

Types of Machining possible with Bandsaw

Machining variations are possible with bandsaw variety and the cutting position in which the saw blade is installed. For example, a vertical bandsaw is applied to cut through the sides of the materials and horizontal bandsaw cuts through downward direction.

Why Blade is considered an important element in Bandsaw Machine?

Bandsaw equipment is provided with a saw blade that performs the cutting operation. The blades are made of high quality metal either alloy steel or iron and the teeth of the blade hold more strength than the blade.

How to select a Bandsaw Machine?

Blades play the key role in bandsaw machine and hence before investing in bandsaw equipment it is important to make sure of the blade pitch, width, guide inserts, etc. This will help you to find bandsaw that can easily machine the respective work materials.

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Obtaining the best cutting

Bandsaw machining is carried out with the saw and the type of cutting teeth embedded in it. The quality of material in which the teeth is made of is important to be made sure of as presence of larger and strong teeth will help to handle harder materials and smaller ones will stay suitable for machining chips from the work materials.

Advantages of Bandsaw Equipment

One of the attractive advantages of bandsaw machine is that it controls the possibilities of alterations to be made in the material after it is cut. For example, metal work pieces are quite challenging to make them cut into the desired dimension, but with bandsaw it is absolutely easier.

Double Column Semi automatic bandsaw

Double column semi automatic bandsaw equipment has been designed to produce standard machining operations with fewer possibilities for machining issues or faulty mechanism. This type of bandsaw equipment is a good option to cut bars and different types of profile materials.


Double column fully automatic bandsaw

Double column fully automatic bandsaw equipment appears almost similar in working like that of semi automatic. However, the cutting capacity and cutting speed is higher in this equipment than the other model.

Bandsaws from Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools offers both semi automatic and fully automatic double column bandsaw equipment. The machinery supplied by Yash Machines are high quality and durable one and can be depended for long term production.

Bandsaw with PLC Control from Yash Machines

Double colum fully automatic bandsaw with PLC control is a very good option offered by Yash Machines. The hydraulic pressure control system and complete sawing automatic process and the feed length variation are some of the important features that keep the machine stay suitable to form different shapes.

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Bandsaw is convenient equipment that cut metal work pieces into irregular shapes. It is also a machining option that can be preferred for precise cutting in different shapes.