Lathe Machine Market Statistics Points out the Powerful Future of the Tool

What does the statistical report has to say about popularity of lathe machine in industrial usage?

Lathe machines have been playing a decisive role in the machining process. The cost of machining with lathe machines is relatively lesser when compared to manual machining process. With lathe device optimum cutting solutions can be obtained. The emergence of imported lathe machine from leading workshop device manufacturing and supplying countries like China, have set a new demand for different types of lathe machines in the industrial world. In one way, every lathe machine manufacturer focus on designing with the perspective of obtaining higher precision and performance, several industries find its application cost effective, time saving and highly productive. Statistically speaking, many machinery manufacturers consider lathe machine making and supplying of lathe machine accessories supplying as a profitable business.


Lathe machine types and its various applications

Pertaining to the industrial requirements, lathe devices have been designed by manufacturers into different types and with different specifications. Some of the lathe machine varieties and its applications are given below

  • An all geared lathe machine is applied to shear or drill relatively tough work piece like harder and thick metal sheets and for its reliable and noiseless operation. There is a range of lathe device models available in the market that suits for different shearing, drilling and knurling process, in the same way gear technology has been incorporated in designing of different lathe machines to obtain accuracy in shearing job, for example, gap bed all geared lathe, all geared CDA A and all geared lathe CDS B,

  • CNC lathe machine is an innovative model with higher computerised specifications. The Computerised numerical control or CNC lathe stays more effective in terms of obtaining effective performance by managing and monitoring the machining process simultaneously. Similarly CNC based slat bed CNC lathe machine is effective for convenient cutting operation with accuracy and flat bed CNC lathe machine is highly applied for sliding, screw cutting operations and other imported CNC lathe machines like CKE 6130i and CKE 6150Z.


Why lathe machine is considered as a powerful workshop tool?

Lathe machine is considered as a powerful workshop tool for a range of machining works; hence, many industries seek the support of lathe device. For example, a heavy duty lathe machine, medium duty lathe machine, extra heavy duty lathe machines and Light duty lathe machine stays effective to handle wood sheets and metals for drilling and levelling based on the work piece thickness. In addition, heavy duty all geared lathe machine and light duty all geared lathe machine and even medium duty all geared lathe machine are also available with the high performance gear principle. A roll turning lathe machine is applied in metal rolling mill industries. Universal all geared lathe CW E and Universal all geared CW M series lathe is applied for different machining works such as turning of wood piece, spinning of metal, glass works, etc Hence, pertaining to the industrial demands the availability of lathe devices is also reliable. Know about the most powerful lathe machine in the market, here at –

The future demands for lathe machine

As far as the functionalities of lathe is concerned, tough machining works are done with higher precision. In addition, the cost of production is relatively lesser when compared to machining works done with the help of manual support. Hence, in many industries the demand for innovative lathe machines will always be there.


Before buying a lathe device, it is important to compare the pricing and durability of the machine. In addition, manufacturer’s support in dealing with the service, shipping, and maintenance aspects has to be considered before investing.