Guiding Principles Important for Every Press Brake Operator to Ensure Safety during the Work

Press Brakes and Their Applications

HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKEPress brake refers to machine which are mainly used for blending plate materials as well as sheet metal into various different shapes depending of the type of die set that is used. These are versatile equipments that are often used industries involving metals for several metal forming operations such as sheet metal cutting, pressing and blending. Their applications include the manufacture of metal cabinets, frames, brackets, plates and many others. They are also used in various industrial segments like fabrication, plastic, wood, automobile among others. Press brakes have the capability of blending a variety of metals such as brass, copper, steel, tin as well as aluminum among many others into a shape that is desired. By using the appropriate die design such as goose neck die, offset die, U-bend dies, seaming dies hemming dies as well as V-dies, these brake can be used for various forming operation

Different Types of Press Brakes Available Today for Metal Work

There are various different types of press brakes described by the means of force application. These are; pneumatic press brake, servo-electric press brake, hydraulic press brake as well as mechanical press brake. The operation Hydraulic presses brake is simply by hydraulic cylinders that are synchronized on the C-frames which moves the upper beam. In mechanical press brake, there is an addition of energy to a flywheel with a motor that is electric. The flywheel is engaged by a clutch in powering a crank mechanism which vertically moves the ram. Speed and accuracy are the two advantage of the mechanical press brake. The pneumatic press brakes uses the pressure of the air in developing tonnage on the arm while as the servo-electric brakes uses a servo-motor in driving a belt drive so as to exert tonnage on the arm.

How Press Brakes Work?

Press brakes work by simply stamping cold steel into a mold referred to as a die. The machine is fed with the sheet and aligned over a mold that is special. The press brake press or lowers a boom so as to force the metal into the mold. By doing this, a cold formed metal object is formed. Any number of electronic machines is used by this brake for the alignment of the metal sheet. There are some that incorporate the use of CNC type arms which help in positioning the metal over a die. Mostly, a computer is used to time hydraulics and compress through a motor that is uses electricity. Read more in detail for Every Press Brake Operator to Ensure Safety during the Work.

Important Tips or Guidelines for using Press Brake Safely for Operation

Press brakes should be operated with caution and care all the time. The following are some among the many basic tips or guidelines for using press brake safely for operation;

  • Cnc Press BrakeNever operate this machine without face, eye, body protection as well as safety shoes.
  • Use leg and not back muscle for normal lifting. Appropriate lifting devices should be used for heavy lifting
  • You should never try using damaged dies.
  • Do not operate press brake with someone at the back of the machine.
  • Report any unsafe condition to your supervisor.
  • Ensure the machine is locked out when doing maintenance service.
  • Replace wooden support safety block after using machine.
  • Never place your hand or any part of your body in this machine.

Press brakes are very essential in various metal industries and it is important to choose the right type of brakes depending on the efficiency and speed you want. All in all, safety should always be given a first priority in all press brakes operation.