Getting a CNC Bending Machine

Getting a CNC bending machine for your company is a great way to ensure that your parts are made in a high-quality manner. While it may seem like a big step to make, getting a bending machine will make your job so much easier and faster. Plus, it will give your company the ability to manufacture parts for a wide variety of applications.

What are the Advantages of Using CNC Bending Machine?

Using CNC bending machines has many advantages over manual bending. One of the most important advantages is the ability to perform more accurate bending. The accuracy of bending depends on the material properties of the part, the skill of the operator and the machine itself.

In addition to being more accurate, CNC bending machines also allow for higher productivity. By minimizing setup time and run time, these machines reduce labour costs.

This is because they can bend metal sheets at specific angles. The bends can be checked at the end of the process.

This is done with the help of a computer interface. The operator is able to obtain important information about the bending process. The operator can also make necessary changes before the bending process is begun.

What is Mandrel-driven CNC Bending Machine?

Whether you are a manufacturer or a user, you will need to know what type of mandrel-driven CNC bending machine is right for your application. There are many options available to you, including swing arm and semi-automatic machines. You should also consider a mandrel bending machine with a motorized axis alignment system. These features ensure that the mandrel is properly aligned and that the machine performs its required cycle movements.

The simplest type of mandrel-driven CNC bender is a hydraulic machine. It has independent hydraulic movements, a single hydraulic cylinder with two speeds, and a bend quality that is excellent.

For thin wall tube bending, it is important to use a mandrel. This mandrel is designed to help support the tube’s interior during the bending process and prevent unwanted collapsing.

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Mechanics of CNC Bending Machine

Mechanics of CNC bending machine include the use of computer control systems to make bending easier and more accurate. Computers help in reducing human error and minimizing material waste, which can result in laps, burrs and waste.

A CNC program enables the user to program the desired bend angle and length. This can be accomplished through an external or internal workstation. The program also helps in calculating the flat length of the part.

Aside from the bending stroke, other measurable characteristics of the bending process include the minimum distances of the parts, which are checked instantaneously. In addition, the accuracy of the stroke measurement is 0.1 mm.

The bending process also includes the use of a variety of bending tools, which are classified according to the type of bending they perform. Some of the tools include edge bending tools, which are used when the bending axis is parallel to the tight side of the work piece. In addition, a servo motor drives the feeding axis, which allows the bending tool to rotate as it bends the work piece.

Why Buy Yash Machine Tools CNC Bending Machine?

Yash Machine Tools produces a wide array of bending machines and solutions to meet the needs of the modern manufacturer. We are a reliable, and repeatable manufacturer of machines that produce high-quality parts in record time. It is also possible to have these machines customized to meet your specifications.

Our company is known for its ode to innovation and its devotion to technological advancement. Our machines boast a compact work cell that allows for intense workflows and reduced changeover times. Also, our bending machine prevents undesired torsions on the wire during bending.

In Conclusion

The CNC machine can perform a number of functions, from straightening to under bending. Its main job is to bend metal to the desired shape, and the machine can perform the aforementioned above functions without causing any scrap.