All You Need to Know About CNC Lathe Machines

A lathe machine rotates the object or a workpiece on a spindle to remove extra material with the help of different tools and produces a symmetrical object. These high tech machines can easily give different cuts and details on the rotating workpiece. A CNC lathe machine can be programmed to make precise cuts on tough material and manufacture the finest quality products at a high speed. Mainly there are two types of CNC lathe machines – horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine

CNC horizontal lathe machining is executed with the help of horizontally-configured lathes. In these machines, the object is rotated cylindrical and tools shape the workpiece by removing excess material. In horizontal CNC lathe machines, the object lies in a vertical position and as a result, they occupy large space. These lathes are most suitable for small and mid-sized workpieces. Moreover, the chuck holds the object vertically, against the downward gravitational pull of the object. Hence, they are ideal for lighter materials. These are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind while making a purchase decision.

Vertical CNC Lathe Machine

In a vertical CNC lathe machine, the object is rotated upright. It helps the spindle in cutting hard to reach angles efficiently. These vertical CNC lathe machines require less ground space as compared to the horizontal CNC lathe machines. These lathe machines are most suitable for producing heavy and large objects. The smaller footprint of the vertical CNC lathe machine provides the functionality of dual spindles to work on a single object without requiring any additional floor space. Moreover, the gravitational force work in favour of the vertical design of the machine and helps in keeping the object stable during the machining process. As a result, it gives steady spindle movements and delivers precise cutting. It is important to note that, vertical CNC lathe machines are generally more expensive than horizontal CNC lathe machines.

Vertical CNC Lathe Machine

Choosing the Right CNC Lathe Based on Your Manufacturing Needs

While purchasing CNC lathe machines, it is very important to check the quality of the clamps. Clamps hold the object during the process and tools cut the extra material. If the quality of clamps is inferior, they may shift around during the process leading to inaccurate measurements. Vertical CNC lathe machines and horizontal CNC lathe machines have their different pros and cons. Just like we discussed earlier, the horizontal CNC lathe machine is less expensive in comparison to the vertical CNC lathe machine, but it is ideal for working on small and mid-sized objects. Similarly, the vertical CNC lathes are expensive than horizontal CNC lathes but they occupy less floor space and can effectively work on large workpieces.

The choice of the machine highly depends on your manufacturing needs. Today, a wide range of CNC lathe machine is available with a variety of features and specifications. It is advisable to consult the expert before making the final purchase decision.