Radial Drilling Process – Current Technological Developments

The hassles of drilling a hole in large work pieces can be a real headache to an engineer or a technician. There are several limitations to the drilling machine but the radial arm drill has solved several of these problems.

Radial Drill Machine
The radial drill or the radial arm press is a geared drill head that has been mounted on an arm assembly and can be moved around to the extent of the arm reach. The most important parts and components of the radial drill include the arm, column and the drill head. The drill head is made in a way that it can move around, height adjusted, and rotated to be able to drill from various different positions and angles.

Versatile Drilling
With this kind of flexibility in the radial drilling machine, most machinists have seen this equipment as the best and most preferred where constant drilling is done. Some of the main tasks that the radial drilling machine can handle include boring of holes, countersinking and grinding of small particles from surfaces.

Set Up
The most common set up of drill presses are table mounted on work benches but there are some models that are floor mounted. In drilling process there is usually no need to reposition the work pieces as the arm can always be extended to the position of the work piece. Large sized work pieces are easily drilled by this machine since the arm can be moved away allowing for easier mounting and removal.

All Geared Radial Machine


This model is an important innovation of the radial machine, able to perform more operations with increased accuracy and speed. The movement of the drilling head, height adjustments and sideways movements are made through gear lever for accurate setting and operation.

Features of the All Geared Radial Machine

  • All gears are made using alloy steel that is heat treated for hardening. The gear movement areas are also well lubricated through an oil bath system.
  • All gears assembly in the machine are perfectly grinded and honed according to the size requirements of the machine.
  • The column design is with heavy thickness and grinded to the required sizes for greater stability during the drilling process
  • The machine has an installed auto feed mechanism , designed in a way that should the machine get overloaded , or the drill bit get locked, the machine will automatically start slipping and thus prevent any accident or damages that may result.
  • The machine is strongly ribbed with a thick walled base plate and a built in cooling tank that holds the lubricating oil. It is also equipped with a spindle reverse and tapping control mechanism as required.
  • The machine is made with high quality electrical parts able to handle heavy current and sufficient for the machine work load.
  • The drilling speed is well adjustable for the various drilling operations, such as milling, tapping and honing, counter boring, reaming and spot facing. Various sizes models of the equipment are available for both small and large scale drilling processes.