WM Series Light Duty Lathe


WM Series Light Duty Lathe

Milling cum drilling machine is one of the most adaptable workshop equipments preferred to obtain multiple workshop operations like milling, drilling, tapping, etc. Yash Machine Tools presents versatile models created as per industrial standards.

Technical Specifications

Model X6332Z XZ6359ZB
Table size 1320X320mm 1120X260mm
T slot 5 no. 3 no.
Size (Width) 14mm 14mm
Center distance 63mm 63mm
Max. load of table 300kg 250kg
Swivel of Table
Ttable Longitudinal travel(manual/auto) 800/750mm 600mm
Table Cross travel (manual/auto) 300mm 270mm
Table Vertical travel(manual/auto) 400mm 380mm
Spindle Taper ISO40 ISO40
Spindle speed /step — Vertical 90-2000/8rpm 90-2000/8rpm
— Horizontal 38-1310/12rpm 38-1310/12rpm
Max. drilling dia. 30mm 30mm
Max. end milling width 125mm 125mm
Max. vertical milling Dia. 25mm 25mm
Max. tapping dia. 10mm(Steel) 16mm
Quill travel 120mm 127mm
Swivel angle of headstock ±45º ±45º
Vertical spindle axis to column surface 200-780mm 160-660mm
Vertical spindle nose to table surface 180-580mm 100-430mm
Horizontal spindle axis to table surface 0-350mm 0-360mm
Horizontal spindle axis to arm bottom 175mm 175mm
Arm travel 400mm 500mm
Longitudinal/cross feed 20-360mm/min./8steps 24-402mm/min./9steps
Vertical/step 422mm/min./1step 422mm/min./1step
Longitudinal/cross rapid speed 1200mm/min. 402mm/min.
Rapid Traverse vertical 422mm/min. 422mm/min.
Automatic spindle feed 0.08/0.15/0.25 0.08/0.15/0.25
Main Motor 2.2kW 2.2kW(V/H)
(X/Y/Z) feed motor 0.55kw(X/Y),0.75kw(Z) 0.37kw(X/Y),0.75kw(Z)
Coolant Motor 0.04kW 0.04kW
Package dimension 1800X1820X2250mm
Overall dimension 1710x1720x2330mm 1520X1290X2150mm
N/W,G/W 2000/2200kg 1350/1500kg

Model X6332Z is provided with 1320x320mm table size and 5 no T slot. The machining table can load maximum 300kg. It can travel 800/750mm towards longitudinal direction through auto and manual mode. It can be applied to obtain maximum drilling diameter of 30mm, maximum vertical milling diameter of 25mm and tapping diameter is 10mm for steel.

Model XZ6359ZB is featured with 1120x260mm table size. The maximum drilling diameter is 30mm, maximum vertical milling diameter is 25mm and maximum tapping diameter is 16mm. The vertical spindle axis to column surface is 160-660mm and vertical spindle nose to table surface is 100-430mm.








Universal milling cum drilling machine is a versatile drill that can be applied for variety of drilling and milling operations on different materials. This equipment is provided with sturdy machine construction and the components are made of quality material. We provide the following models of universal mill cum drill equipment.

Technical Specification

Model XZ6350ZS XZ6326 XZ6350G XZ7550CW XZ7550C XZ50C XZTM-40
Table size 1270x320mm 1120x260mm 1120x260mm 800x240mm 800x240mm 800x240mm 800x240mm
Table travel 600x290mm 600X290mm 600x300mm 385x200mm 400x200mm 400x215mm 400x215mm
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 120-500mm 115-430mm 100-400mm 60-390mm 70-420mm 50-410mm 100-530mm
Max.drilling dia. 30mm 50mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
Automatic drilling dia. 14mm(Cast iron) 14mm(Cast iron)
Max. end milling Dia. 125mm 125mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Max. vertical milling Dia. 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm 18mm
Max. taping dia. M16 M16 M16 M16 M16 M16 M16
Spindle speed range 90-2000rpm(Stand V)/
60-1350rpm(Lie H)
67-2010rpm(Stand V) 115-1750rpm(Stand V)
/40-1300rpm(Lie H)
115-1750rpm 115-1750rpm 115-1750rpm 160-3165mm
Spindle travel 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Automatic spindle feeds 0.1 0.15 0.3mm/rev 0.1 0.15 0.3mm/rev
Overall dimension 1680x1640x2200mm 1580x1450x2150mm 1580x1330x2250mm 1290x1220x2100mm 1290x1140x2100mm 1270x950x1800mm 1140x1100x1500mm
Spindle motor power 2.2kW 1.5/2.2 2.2kW 0.85/1.5kW(Stand V) 2.2kW(Lie H) 0.85/1.5kW 0.85/1.5kW 0.85/1.5kW 1.5kW
Machine weight 1650kg 1350kg 1500kg 970kg 800kg 500kg 410kg

Model XZ6350ZS : Features with 1270x320mm table size and 120-500mm distance from spindle nose to table surface. The maximum drill diameter is 30mm and The automatic diameter is 14mm suitable for cast iron. The spindle speed range is 90-2000rpm (stand V)/60-1350rpm (Lie H).

Model XZ6326 : Featured with 1120x260mm table size and distance from spindle nose to table surface the maximum hole making diameter, end drill diameter, vertical mill and maximum tapping diameter is 30mm, 125mm, 25mm and M16 respectively.

Model XZ6350G : Maximum boring diameter is 30mm, maximum end milling and vertical diameter is 30mm, 125m and 25mm respectively.

Model XZ7550CW : It is featured with 800x240mm table size and the maximum level of boring; end grinding, vertical and tapping capacities are 30mm, 10mm, 25mm and M16 respectively.

Model XZ7550C : Comes with maximum 30mm bore making capacity, 100 end and 25mm capacities and the spindle speed range and spindle travel is similar to that of XZ7550CW.

Model XZ50C : It is featured with 400x200mm table travel capacity and the distance from spindle nose to table surface is 70-420mm. The maximum boring, end, vertical capacities are similar to that of XZ6350G, XZ7550CW, XZ7550C and XZ50C.

Model XZTM-40 : It is featured with 100-530mm of spindle nose to table surface distance and spindle speed range if 160-3165mm. It is the most compact milling cum drilling machine model whose weight is 410kg that is comparatively lesser than other models.

We provide universal mill cum drill equipment in different sizes and weights to carryout lightweight to heavy duty operations.

Features and Advantages

  • Featured with high spindle speeds.
  • Adaptable workshop tool for performing milling, drilling and tapping as well.
  • Available in different models with variable speeds to manage milling and drilling of different materials.
  • Rigid machine structure.
  • Can be applied for different machining jobs.
  • Easy control features.
  • Can be tilted in different angles to obtain multiplicity of benefits.