Milling machine plays an important role in automobile and aerospace industries. It is preferred for its adaptability in applying in different working atmospheres. It stays an efficient workshop tool to support some of the most demanding and challenging machining requirements. Considering these factors We have designed bed type mills, which is ideal for continuous milling applications.

It is designed with sliding table which is mounted on the machine bed and the depth of cutting can be obtained as per the requirement based on adjusting the spindle. There are 3 different types of tool with exclusive specifications.

WM Series Turret Milling Machine


WM Series Turret Milling Machine


WM Series Turret Milling Machine


Technical Specification

Model X713 XA7140 XA7150
Table size 1525x320mm 1400x400mm 2000×400
Max. Table travel 1050x470mm 800(1000)x400 1500x650mm
Number/Width/Distance of T slots 3-14-80mm 3-18-100mm 3-18-100mm
Max. load of table 800kg 2000kg
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 70-570mm 150-650mm
Distance from spindle axis to column guideway 450mm 520mm 600mm
Spindle taper ISO40 ISO40
Spindle speed range 70-3620rpm 18-1800rpm 66-1440rpm
Spindle quill travel 127mm 105mm
Overall dimention 2565x2045x2290mm 2290m1840m2120mm 3000x2420x2340mm
Spindle motor Power 5HP 7.5kW 6.5/8kW
M/C Weight 2300kg 3860kg 4500kg

Features and Benefits of Model X 713

  • It is provided with 1525x320mm of milling table size.
  • The maximum table travel is 1050x470mm.
  • The number/width and distance of T slots are 3, 14 and 80mm respectively.
  • The distance from the spindle nose to table surface is 70-570mm.
  • It is featured with ISO40 spindle taper.
  • Possible of making 70-3620 rotations per minute of spindle speed.

Features and Benefits of Model XA7140

  • 1400x400mm of table size.
  • 800(1000) x400mm of maximum table travel distance.
  • 3, 8 and 100mm of number, width and distance of T slots respectively.
  • It can withstand maximum of 800kg load.
  • Spindle speed is 18-1800 rotations per minute.

Features and Benefits of Model XA7150

  • Featured with 2000x400mm table size.
  • Possible to obtain 1500x650mm of maximum table travel.
  • Spindle speed range is 66-1440 rotations per minute.
  • Distance from the spindle axis to column guide way is 600mm.


WM Series Turret Milling Machine


WM Series Turret Milling Machine


Universal bed type milling instrument suits for variety of operations over different materials. There are many benefits such as,

  • Flexibility in performing different milling operations.
  • Featured with vertical travel headstock to perform complicated operation.
  • Material feed speed is comparatively much higher than other types of mill.
  • It is a heavy weight device suitable for long term usage.

Technical Specification

Model X715 X716
Table travel (X,Y) 1500x670mm 1800(2000)×600×900mm
Table size 2100×500mm 2500×575mm
Vertical travel of headstock 0-670mm
Vertical travel of headstock 4-20-100mm 3-22-152mm
Max. load of table 2000mm/min 3000mm/min
Feed Speed 20-1800mm/min 12-1320mm/min
Rapid Feed Speed 3500mm/min 3000mm/min
Spindle speed range 35-1345rpm 40-1200rpm
Spindle speed step 12steps 12steps
Distance between spindle axis and vertical guideway 610
Spindle motor power 7.5kW 11kW
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 3300×2380×2750mm 4300×3200×3300mm
M/C weight 7300kg 10000kg

We provide two different models of bed type universal mill. The specifications, benefits and other attractive features are given below.

Model X 715 is featured with 1500x670mm of table travel towards x and y axis. The table size is 2100x500mm and the vertical travel headstock is 0-670mm. The bed or table can withstand maximum 2000mm per minute and the rapid feed speed is 3500mm per minute. Spindle speed range is 35-1345 rotations per minute.

Model X716 is featured with 1800(2000) x600x900mm of x and y axis travel. The table size is 2500x575mm and the maximum load of table is 3000mm per minute. It can be applied to obtain 3000mm per minute of rapid feed speed. It requires 11kw spindle more power and overall machine weight is 10000kg which is supposed to the one of the heaviest device